OF Stands Proud in Intramural Soccer Championship

Section OF approached the Intramural Soccer Championship in a good mood. Strong EC teams–OD, OC, OK, and OB–were defeated in previous rounds. Considering how many HBS Soccer Team players were on these teams, OF had a reason to be proud. In addition, in this season, the team demonstrated excellent turnaround management skills–last year the team… Continue reading OF Stands Proud in Intramural Soccer Championship

NE Kicks on To Semis

Tuesday afternoon, well-rested after a three-day weekend, NE defeated NK 7-2 in the quarterfinals of the soccer playoffs. Fans from both NE and NK lined the pitch on Tuesday to see some magic moments in intramural soccer history. NE pounded the NK defense for the first 10 minutes of the game, unable to penetrate NK’s… Continue reading NE Kicks on To Semis

NH?s Unsung Heroes

I know I?m always raving about my section, and people probably think I?m exaggerating, but honestly speaking, New H this year just may be the best section in the history of the world. Rather than speak about the entire section now, I just wanted to mention a few people specifically, and I will call them… Continue reading NH?s Unsung Heroes

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The Taft Program: Continuing HBS Tradition of Service

Each Saturday morning, Crimson Greetings returns to Shad Hall. Or at least the din and chaotic atmosphere return. However, instead of buying glitter and mincing supplies, HBS students participate in games and interact with middle-school students. The HBS/Taft Sports Program is a long-running partnership between HBS and The William Howard Taft Middle School in Brighton.… Continue reading The Taft Program: Continuing HBS Tradition of Service

NJ beats NF 8-0

October 28, 2002 NJ had its last soccer game of the regular season today. Because of our good standing so far, we didn’t need to win today’s game. So, for a little bit of fun, we decided to alter everyone’s roles, i.e. we had defenders and goalie play as strikers and strikers play as defenders,… Continue reading NJ beats NF 8-0

OD "Wins One for the Gipper"

ALLSTON (OD Press)- Tragedy nearly struck the OD soccer team this past week, as shoe-in league MVP and OD first-string goalie Derek “Gipper” Mendez developed a rare case of 24-hour spinal meningitis on the return flight from his grandfather’s 90th birthday party. Mendez, barely strong enough to type, sent an email out to the team… Continue reading OD "Wins One for the Gipper"

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Harvard Business School continues its long-standing tradition of Intramural Sports this fall with the kickoff of football and soccer leagues. Only a few days after RC’s have begun settling into their newly formed sections, they must prepare to challenge other RC sections and the seasoned EC veterans in the arena of sport. Section competition will… Continue reading Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

HBS Alumni Team Wins National MBA Soccer Tournament

The recently formed HBS Alumni Soccer Team competed at the National MBA Soccer Tournament at UT Austin during the weekend of February 23-24, 2002. The team played 6 hours and 3 minutes of soccer and–in disbelief–walked away with the Champion trophy. Another soccer addition to the Shad trophy case! The team beat Texas A&M, Kellogg,… Continue reading HBS Alumni Team Wins National MBA Soccer Tournament

Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer Dark Side Annihilates Sexy Football Force Not Needed in 20-3 PastingBy Derek Mendez, Sports & Health Editor “Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side” -Darth VaderKicking off indoor soccer league action, ND’s Dark Side took on NB’s Sexy Football. These teams met outdoors last fall, with ND triumphing 2-1. Tension levels were… Continue reading Indoor Soccer

Superbowl Sunday

Ahhhhh, the Superbowl is upon us! For those of you who don’t know or care about football, (likely many of the same people who care VERY MUCH about SOCCER, as we obnoxious Americans insist on calling it), this article is an attempt to prepare you for the madness that will ensue next Sunday. So what… Continue reading Superbowl Sunday

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The Five Files

Whenever you draw a top five list for anything, you are bound to provoke a few terse arguments. When the list is about sport, however, you are likely to set off a paroxysm of disagreement and angst. Or so we at the Harbus hope anyway. In this new and exciting sports feature, we invite our… Continue reading The Five Files

Hooligans Steal EC Trophy

Boston, MA, November 25. Destiny was reaffirmed after OH won the EC championship to add to last year’s RC championship. With honor on the line, OH showed their true colors by coming back from a 0-4 deficit to win a stunner in sudden-death overtime by the score of 5-4 over OE. The gamesmanship began days… Continue reading Hooligans Steal EC Trophy

Clash of the Titans

History is littered with tales of grudge matches. Mohammed Ali vs Sonny Liston, The Red Sox against the Yankees, Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed, The Governor of California against The Predator / T-1000 / Russians / Government (delete as applicable). On Wednesday the closest thing RC soccer had to a grudge match took place, as… Continue reading Clash of the Titans

HBS Soccer Settles for Third Place in Annual Yale Cup

New Haven, CTDespite a stubborn defense that only allowed two goals and an offense which finished with a tournament leading 13 tallies, the Harvard Business School Soccer team fell in the semi-finals of the annual Yale Cup 1-0 to the green monsters of Tuck. This latest page in the bitter rivalry between the two schools… Continue reading HBS Soccer Settles for Third Place in Annual Yale Cup

Counter Attack. And Fast.

In a must-win game for the soccer team, HBS dispatched Tufts with a convincing 3-goal victory. The A-team thus qualified for the Boston Graduate League play-offs. The first half was an attritional affair. The Tufts field was narrow and rutted, which meant that there was little time for anyone to put their foot on the… Continue reading Counter Attack. And Fast.

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NE 18 – 8 OH

This might come as a surprise to you, but in Spain, things are different. In Spain, people take three-hour lunch-breaks, and don’t include pro-forma earnings in annual reports! In Spain, men in tights are admired for shish-kebabbing rapidly-moving livestock! In Spain, “football” is written “f£tbol,” and actually means “soccer,” while “soccer” is written “s¢quer,” and… Continue reading NE 18 – 8 OH

Where Art Thou, OI?

“Monday night. First soccer game of the season. Must get revenge on OA for humiliating us 12-1 last year. But, it’s raining. I might get my hair wet.” Is this what was going through the minds of OI? We’ll never know, because they failed to show. Maybe they were writing e-mails.

Mean Team Crushes Competition in the IM Indoor Soccer Tournament

In a highly anticipated final of the intramural indoor soccer tournament last week, the Mean Team beat the Superstars 9:8 in Shad in a dramatic match that will be remembered and talked about for a long time. Axel Bonnassies (NE) scored the golden goal on the last minute of the second overtime and sent the… Continue reading Mean Team Crushes Competition in the IM Indoor Soccer Tournament

Absolut Avengers Take (Consolation) Soccer Cup

“Third rule of Fight Club, someone yells stop, goes limp or taps out, the fight is over.” For the Dingo’s, despite the bravest and toughest of fights, the lights went out in the Consolation league soccer finals. The jab-jab-bosh strikes of the relentless Absolut Avengers (NA) blew them away. The usually irrepressible Roy ‘four hands’… Continue reading Absolut Avengers Take (Consolation) Soccer Cup

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HBS Winter Indoor Soccer Tournament 2003-A Huge Success

HBS Winter Indoor Soccer Tournament 2003-A Huge Success By Morgan McKenney (OC), Contributing Writer The drama-packed finals of the HBS Winter Indoor Soccer Tournament were an appropriate end to this year’s competition. In the Championship Bracket, Mean Team was tied against a talented Super Star team 8-8 after playing for 50 minutes and one five… Continue reading HBS Winter Indoor Soccer Tournament 2003-A Huge Success

The Real Deal

Last Tuesday, Real Madrid and Manchester United faced each other in front of 75,000 fans at the Bernabeu in Madrid in the first leg of their European Champions League clash replica watches. 4000 miles away in the Grille at Harvard Business School, 40-odd people settled down to cheer on two of the world’s biggest teams… Continue reading The Real Deal