About Us

The Harbus News Corporation is a non-profit self-funded news organization of Harvard Business School run by students.

This organization is a publisher of The Harbus, publication which is bringing free news to Harvard community since 1937. Today it is available both in print and online.

Historically, The Harbus has been funding The Harbus Foundation, which provides grant awards and consulting services to organizations promoting education, literacy, and journalism across the Boston metropolitan area.

The Harbus News Corporation’s publications include:

The Harbus newspaper includes interviews with CEOs, features on HBS companies from startups to established corporations, perspectives on pressing issues worldwide, as well as various content provided by the HBS community.

The Harbus is distributed free of charge to members of the Harvard Business School community. Readers include Harvard faculty, staff, students, alumni, as well as other affiliates worldwide.

Subscriptions are available for purchase for those outside of the HBS community.