IberoAmericano Soccer Invades Shad

The loud and passionate shouts of “Goooal…!” were heard throughout Shad two Saturdays ago. The Drink Team was on its way to becoming the champion of the first. Club Iberoamericano Indoor Soccer Tournament.

During the weekends of October 13th and 20th, Shad was graced with amazingly good indoor soccer games protagonizing 8 HBS and 2 Sloan teams battling it out in short, but extremely exciting games. Up to 60 students from on- and off-campus showed their stuff, as teams from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Brazil and other nationalities battled it out like true champions. Exhilaration, anger, agony, victory, defeat – they all had multiple appearances from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

What was initially thought of as a fun event by the social chairs of the Club Iberoamericano, quickly turned into much more than just that: it became a truly exciting and competitive set of matches during which soccer players were vying for bragging rights and pride, not for prizes. (although they did get some City Sports gift certificates, courtesy of the Club Iberoamericano!) Stay tuned for the 2nd Club Iberoamericano Indoor Soccer Tournament!

In the top bracket, Team Sloan 1 took the laurels by accumulating more points than teams La Banda, Sagrev Sol, Brazil and Internacional. Although the Mexican team Sagrev Sol was in extremely good shape after the first round, a few commitments, some Coronas and countless Tequila “sips” must have been responsible for Sagrev Sol?s absence on the second Saturday of the tournament. Salud, Mexico! Team La Banda (wearing River Plate shirts all around – Grande, Argentina!) provided some very tough competition, and tied Team Sloan 1 in a heated match during which the referee was close to losing his head. To round off the top bracket, Brazil and Internacional had lots of good plays and tons of fun, but failed to make it to the top of the list.In the bottom bracket, Drink Team and Email Gallego fought it out hard. Email Gallego steadily won games and placed itself in a good position. Drink Team, on the other hand, rolled over its opponents from the first game on. Teams Portugal, Tabajara and Sloan 2 rounded off the bottom bracket.

The final was a great match between Email Gallego and Drink Team. The infamous Drink Team, however, found a way to break loose and win the final by 6-1. Jorge O?Hara, Rolo Leyton, Martin Lange, Gaby Podskubka, Wael Sawan and Gaston Mauvezin made up the championship team. Congratulations to everybody for making this event a huge success!