ND Soccer Beats NA 3-1

ND kept its undefeated record with a 3-1 victory over a hapless NA team. Despite falling behind for the first time this season, ND rallied behind quick goals by Andre “The Giant” Silva, Morio “Scorio” Alexander and Peter “Stoichkov” Velikin, and cruised to victory behind the stone wall goalkeeping of Derek “Donkey Kong” Mendez. Unfortunately,… Continue reading ND Soccer Beats NA 3-1

OD "Wins One for the Gipper"

ALLSTON (OD Press)- Tragedy nearly struck the OD soccer team this past week, as shoe-in league MVP and OD first-string goalie Derek “Gipper” Mendez developed a rare case of 24-hour spinal meningitis on the return flight from his grandfather’s 90th birthday party. Mendez, barely strong enough to type, sent an email out to the team… Continue reading OD "Wins One for the Gipper"

OD Squeezes OJ, Tastes Victory Yet Again

ALLSTON (OD Press)- In a brilliant display of technical excellence, the likes of which had not been seen since The Beer Game, OD dismantled the OJ soccer side with a 7-2 win last week. Though scouting reports had OJ’s defense keying on IM soccer goal scoring leader Peter “Stoichkov” Velikin, OD showed that it’s more… Continue reading OD Squeezes OJ, Tastes Victory Yet Again