Sammy, Soccer, and So Forth

I would like to start the week off by welcoming Sammy, Section E?s newest addition. Congratulations to parents Jon and Jane Andersen. According to Jon, on what it feels like to be at HBS and have your first baby: “It?s great. Losing sleep and getting pooped on while changing a dirty diaper is a small price to pay for being a dad. It gives you a larger perspective on life, and helps you remember what?s really important and what?s not.”
Well done also to Section E soccer team for topping the intramural soccer league. I quickly surveyed team members Clinton Yara, Kelli McKechnie, Heidi Brooks, Geoff Henry, Bill Fruhan, Gabby Podskubka, and Nate Kring to find the key success factors for such a high performance team. There were a variety of answers like “We all know the rules,” and “Bill and Nate keep books on their best plays, ” but it seemed to be unanimous that everyone else was the team?s greatest secret weapon, which is the sort of team spirit I have come to expect from the section.