The Real Deal

Last Tuesday, Real Madrid and Manchester United faced each other in front of 75,000 fans at the Bernabeu in Madrid in the first leg of their European Champions League clash replica watches. 4000 miles away in the Grille at Harvard Business School, 40-odd people settled down to cheer on two of the world’s biggest teams… Continue reading The Real Deal

The Five Files: Great Sporting Moments of 2004

There really were too many sporting highlights in the last 12 months. It was an Olympic year, it was a European Soccer cup year, and there was apparently some interesting stuff happening in baseball. Out of all the contenders for the great moments of 2004, I’ve gone for the following: 5. Arsenal’s Streak Comes To… Continue reading The Five Files: Great Sporting Moments of 2004

Arsenal Returns to the Top

“I support two soccer teams: Arsenal and whoever is playing Manchester United”. I’ve been a fan of English Premier League soccer for a very long time, and have religiously followed the weekly highlights show on Australian television. However, it was not until I lived in London that I chose a team to support. My housemate… Continue reading Arsenal Returns to the Top