OB "Sets" NK in Volleyball Opener

OB beat NK in a squeaker on opening night. Two sets: 15-11; 16-14. The team was led by super-setters Sandra Manolescu and Renata Dionello, along with support cast Roland Pan, Sandor Hau, Felix Danziger, and Tony Ling. Arguably the most critical support, however, came from the OB official cheerleader Kuka “for Cocoa Puffs” Elemesova who… Continue reading OB "Sets" NK in Volleyball Opener

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NE Kicks on To Semis

Tuesday afternoon, well-rested after a three-day weekend, NE defeated NK 7-2 in the quarterfinals of the soccer playoffs. Fans from both NE and NK lined the pitch on Tuesday to see some magic moments in intramural soccer history. NE pounded the NK defense for the first 10 minutes of the game, unable to penetrate NK’s… Continue reading NE Kicks on To Semis

NI Takes Second Victory

(ALLSTON – NI Sports Press). NI brought home its second victory of the season, this time against NH with a 5:1 score. The boys and girl from the bunkers of Aldrich 10 put all what was needed for a convincing victory: speed, effectiveness, team play and – why not – fair play. Forwards Wael Sawan… Continue reading NI Takes Second Victory

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Special K Keeps it Special

It looked like a tough game for Special K. Some of its best players were on reserve. Owen the forward was injured and Doren and Olya, the two goalkeepers were also unable to play. Adding to the thin lines, Travis, NK’s other forward, got injured in the first minutes. NJ jumped onto the field with… Continue reading Special K Keeps it Special

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Good Old Section K

Dear Deans Clark and Kester, I agree with Louis P. DiLorenzo, Jr., the president of the penultimate Section K. In an open letter published in last week’s Harbus, he congratulated you on your decision to excise one section from Harvard Business School’s MBA class. Yes, DiLorenzo offered you praise, praise that in my opinion you… Continue reading Good Old Section K

Breaking News

Capitulating to dissent from several student groups, a toga-clad Dean W. Carl Kester officially announced today that the outcome of the Class of 2003 Section Olympics, rather than Michael Porter’s Alphabetical Selection Method, will determine which section is eliminated for next year’s incoming class. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Based on public response to our ten-section reorganization… Continue reading Breaking News

Men's IM Basketball Roundup

DOC 64, OJ 62 (OT)The DOC squad notched its second victory of the season in a game that started out tough, ended tough, and was fought hard all the way. Donovan and Stampini led the offense once again as the game stayed close into the final seconds forcing the game into overtime. With one of… Continue reading Men's IM Basketball Roundup

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What's up at J-Crew

In an amazing turn of events, it turns out that my column two weeks ago about potential nuptials was prophetic. Velina Peneva became the first female J to get engaged. Her ring is lovely and her fianc‚ is a real peach, but quickly she admitted her true reasons for accepting his offer. After a moment… Continue reading What's up at J-Crew

NJ Goes Sailing

Despite the threat of thunderstorms, the January Cohort flocked to Fort Adams State Park last Saturday for the HBS Sailing Club’s Newport Cruise. Over 100 students, partners and even a dog donned lifejackets and sailed nimble J-22s sailboats across scenic Narragansett Bay. Mother Nature was on our side and blessed the group with Newport’s characteristic… Continue reading NJ Goes Sailing

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Fast Times at NK High

Recent visitors to A110 must have noticed many a furrowed brow among the residents. First we had to divine meaning from our profs’ T2 midterm feedback. Not too tricky when you get a 2-page essay stuffed with specific citations of your classroom contributions. But some instructors kept it so brief (that’s one word or less)… Continue reading Fast Times at NK High

Cohort Dresses Up for Newport Ball

Tuxedos and sequined evening gowns were de rigueur as approximately 400 Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan-wannabes descended on Newport, RI for the January cohort’s final Newport Ball. The event, held in Mrs. Astor’s Beechwood Estate on the edge of Narragansett Bay, was sponsored by the Student Association and planned by Katherine Liu, NH and Christina… Continue reading Cohort Dresses Up for Newport Ball

Summertime in the Land of K

Temple of K Desecrated in Weekend Coup! Imagine our shock on striding into class the Monday after alumni reunion weekend to find the walls of A110 stripped bare and our hand crafted decorations cast into plastic bags. Apparently the powers-that-be deemed our lovingly designed signature kites unsuitable for public display to esteemed alums and ordered… Continue reading Summertime in the Land of K

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The Campus is Ours!!

No lines and plenty of open tables in the Spangler dining room. Empty tennis and racquetball courts at Shad. Free reign of the library. No crowds in Aldrich. The Januaries are all alone on campus (not counting the Exec Eds)! And most of the Jans couldn’t be happier. “Just as I expected we rule the… Continue reading The Campus is Ours!!

Jans Survive Term 1

While 1500 HBS students are taking their final exams and either preparing for their summer travel and reintroductions into the real world (or at least for summer internships), the 350 January cohort students of the Class of 2002 are ready for another term at HBS. This is the last crop of Januaries, after the decision… Continue reading Jans Survive Term 1