Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Harvard Business School continues its long-standing tradition of Intramural Sports this fall with the kickoff of football and soccer leagues. Only a few days after RC’s have begun settling into their newly formed sections, they must prepare to challenge other RC sections and the seasoned EC veterans in the arena of sport. Section competition will begin on Wednesday, September 18th for soccer and Tuesday, September 24th for football. Regular season games will be followed by heated playoff competition in order to determine the champion in each sport.

Needless to say, bragging rights for the victors of each and every game are worth more than a TOM guru in your study group! And where will those victors have free reign to talk trash? Right here in the Harbus Sports section, of course, because “to the victors go the spoils…and the Harbus write-up!” Tell the whole world how much your Section kicks butt each week right here in the Harbus. Simply submit game recaps (and photos if you’ve got ’em) by Wednesday night each week to Harbus-Sports@mba2003.hbs.edu for inclusion in the next week’s issue. (Editor’s Note: just remember, this is a family paper, folks!)

Captains from each section for football and soccer will be required to attend a meeting on Tuesday, September 17th in order to receive the schedule and discuss format and rules. Meeting time and place TBA – watch for an email. Leagues are co-ed and player requirements vary by sport. Football games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the fall and soccer match ups will occur on Mondays and Wednesdays. RC’s are urged to survey the talent in their newly formed sections in order to battle a relentless EC class. Good luck to all!