The Beer Column

As the New England winter creeps up on us and the days become unfairly short, the beer drinker seeks something a little more robust to help keep the cold and darkness at bay. We seek a beer that has the girth to accompany a hearty winter meal without being overpowered by the full, rich flavors.… Continue reading The Beer Column

They Said What?

This week, we have the honor of many great business insights from the weeks just before and just after spring break. Perhaps the air travel went to everyone’s heads. Reading through the quotes below, especially the ones about percentages and numbers, HBS may even be able to make the argument that we are even more… Continue reading They Said What?

Making the Cobra Dance

Forty students from the Harvard Business School sat in the elegant surroundings of The Bombay Club in the heart of Harvard Square intently listening to the story of Cobra Beer Ltd, as told by its dapper UK-based founder and CEO Karan Bilimoria. In town for an Executive Education program at HBS as a member of… Continue reading Making the Cobra Dance

New This Week

Over the coming weeks we’ll be giving you updates on some of the big or plain interesting bands that are coming to town. This weeks new entries include: Sat March 27th o The ThrillsAn Irish based band, this four piece really do sound like they are from California. A cross between the Strokes and the… Continue reading New This Week

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Nemir Kirdar, President and CEO of Investcorp Addresses the Future of Iraq

By most account this last week U.S. and UK armed forces made significant headway in the war in Iraq, moving closer towards removing Saddam Hussein’s regime from power and subsequently launching Iraq towards a new, albeit uncertain future. For those of us less familiar with the history and background of the Middle East, understanding where… Continue reading Nemir Kirdar, President and CEO of Investcorp Addresses the Future of Iraq

BBC Brass Bashes War Coverage Biases

Greg Dyke, Director-General of the BBC, played to a packed Hawes Hall audience on April 2 in a lecture on “The Media’s Role in the War in Iraq.” After an introduction by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter which revealed Dyke’s famous practice of distributing “cut the crap” yellow cards to enable subordinates to accomplish their goals,… Continue reading BBC Brass Bashes War Coverage Biases

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FT Ranks HBS #1

In its seventh annual ranking of global MBA programs, the Financial Times recently ranked HBS #1 in a tie with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Columbia Business School, Standford University GSB, and the London Business School rounded out the top five, respectively. The FT rankings were based on 20 criteria, with particular… Continue reading FT Ranks HBS #1

Brian Wilson Smiles Again!

It’s December, 1966. The Beach Boys are riding the biggest wave ever of their career. Their album Pet Sounds (Capitol) has earned critical praise, despite sales that failed to match their previous albums. Their single “Good Vibrations” has become their biggest 45 rpm record ever, selling over a million copies and peaking at Number One… Continue reading Brian Wilson Smiles Again!

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Career Profiles – Sorina Casian-Botez

Career Field Prior to HBS:Senior Supervisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Paris, France Position in Bain :Summer Associate Why did you choose an internship with Bain?I had already decided to focus on consulting as a natural transition from my previous job as an auditor. I wanted to impact my clients’ business in a more substantial way so I sought… Continue reading Career Profiles – Sorina Casian-Botez

Career Profile – Johanna Wightman

Career Field Prior to HBS:Management Consulting, BCG Position in Buddi ltd:Business Development in Startup Why did you choose an internship with buddi ltd?It was a cool product (GPS personal locator) with an unusual team (led by a British female serial entrepreneur), and I was totally swayed by the sales pitch! The product had only been… Continue reading Career Profile – Johanna Wightman

Genetic Engineering

Ivy League schools are inundated with ads for potential egg donors-women who for a considerable sum of money donate their eggs to a couple for in vitro fertilization. What happens once they sign on? And what role do the fertility clinics who match the donors to the recipients play? A well-dressed couple in their early… Continue reading Genetic Engineering

Summer Stories – Fabrizio Fantini, iPrice, MBA ’09, OD

Fabrizio spent his summer starting a new UK company, called iPrice. Through data mining, iPrice extracts insight from retailers’ transactions and provides “value pricing” and broader “insight marketing” optimization recommendations. In this article he describes his experience, and shares some lessons he learned about starting a business. Looking back, it has been a successful summer… Continue reading Summer Stories – Fabrizio Fantini, iPrice, MBA ’09, OD

The Future of Journalism

How can traditional news organizations compete with oceans of user-generated content and super-sophisticated search? Why pay for foreign news bureaus when consumers can simply visit local provider websites? Does the slow death of newspapers foreshadow the fate of journalism as we know it? Helen Boaden,a multi-award winning reporter and Director of BBC News, is the… Continue reading The Future of Journalism

Random Rants

Welcome, dear readers. This is the first of what I hope will be a semi-regular column, given that most weeks I can usually find things that have irritated me enough to want to share them with HBS as a whole. For this inaugural edition, I begin with the theme of travel. Logan AirportWhy is there… Continue reading Random Rants

A View on Wine: An Interview with a Marketing Expert in the Wine Industry

This week, I interviewed Greg Berti, Vice-President, Estate Wineries and Global Markets for Andres Wines Ltd. Greg has 20 years of experience within the wine business. He holds a B.Sc. (Guelph) and an MBA (Bordeaux) and serves on the Board of the Vintners Quality Alliance and the Niagara Culinary School. Harbus: Greg, can you tell… Continue reading A View on Wine: An Interview with a Marketing Expert in the Wine Industry