NE 18 – 8 OH

This might come as a surprise to you, but in Spain, things are different. In Spain, people take three-hour lunch-breaks, and don’t include pro-forma earnings in annual reports! In Spain, men in tights are admired for shish-kebabbing rapidly-moving livestock! In Spain, “football” is written “f£tbol,” and actually means “soccer,” while “soccer” is written “s¢quer,” and doesn’t mean anything!

Fortunately, heart-warming steps were recently made towards clearing up the confusing “f£t” vs. “foot” acrimony that has long plagued our nations.

The legendary “Balance Sheet Bullfighter,” Francisco de Asis Martinez-Jerez, came to support Section E in its football victory over OH. For weeks, Asis has been teaching Section E how one should record debits and credits; Section E felt it was time to return the favor, and teach Asis how one should open up a big ol’ can of intramural football whupping on this side of the Atlantic.

Our sensitive cultural educators were led by QB Chuck Edwards, whose outstanding passing allowed Geremy Connor, Ryan McMonagle, and Damaune Journey to use their staggering height, skill, and speed (in that order) to make some incredible touchdowns. Defense was led by Louis Sterling and Nihar Shah, with interceptions all around. Our apostle from Alicante was also thrilled to witness the excellent defensive play by Mandissa Quick and offensive play by Brigitte Castaing.

The final score was 18-8. Lucca might not be happy with such an unbalanced result, but he’s going to have to get over it. Thanks for the support, Matador62!