NA Toys with OE

NA felt so confident going into their game with OE they chose to spot OE 12 points in the 1st half. However, when OE chose not to let their female players in on the action, NA took a stand for women everywhere by going on the offensive. Beginning NA’s second half surge was Katherina (Kat)… Continue reading NA Toys with OE

Keeping it Ugly

Re-emerging from the throes of last week’s shock defeat, NA embraced a much-needed victory in game 3 against NB. The first minutes of the game were indeed ugly as the two sides fought it out on a somewhat muddy surface that closely resembled an elephant watering hole in central Mozambique. However the rough terrain seemed… Continue reading Keeping it Ugly

Call the Baby Ugly

NA 4 – 2 NIThe game commenced at exactly 4 p.m. with a deafening war cry of “Call the Baby Ugly” from a motivated and passionate NA. Within 12 minutes, NA’s Bedii Yucaoglu had made two deadly strikes at goal, leaving the hapless NI goalkeeper stranded on the ground. Just when NA had begun to… Continue reading Call the Baby Ugly