Absolut Avengers Take (Consolation) Soccer Cup

“Third rule of Fight Club, someone yells stop, goes limp or taps out, the fight is over.” For the Dingo’s, despite the bravest and toughest of fights, the lights went out in the Consolation league soccer finals. The jab-jab-bosh strikes of the relentless Absolut Avengers (NA) blew them away. The usually irrepressible Roy ‘four hands’ Kim got off to a shaky start for A and the Dingo’s Brazilian flair and bouncer henchmen put away three good goals. At that point the gloves came off for A. TJ ‘let my feet do the talking’ Carella started the onslaught with a couple of laser guided shots that homed in on the corner of the net. Meanwhile at the back Shuhrat ‘get this guy off me’ Kuziev, took man-to-man marking to the next level, and Michael ‘you talking to me’ Munson let it be known there were going to be no easy goals while he was on the pitch. The match was neck and neck up to 6 all. It was in the last 5 minutes that A showed their real spirit. A’s Chris ‘I don’t do corporate’ Withers provided his usual infusion of energy to the squad, and suddenly the Dingo’s had no time on the ball, their offence was squashed by Alex ‘is that your blood?’ Alvarez and Sara ‘Predator’ Strammiello. All that remained was the final blows to a wavering body as captain Dan ‘Speedy Jab’ Rogers lunged at an escaping ball, trickling it into the net, and Rolando ‘Grande-latte’ Lozano blasted the victory shot past the spent Dingo’s.