Ask the Local

Here’s the deal – I’m getting sick and tired of hearing people complain that the Crimson Grille is gone. Actually, I don’t think anyone is complaining, but it did spur a thought. I aim to provide the HBS community with a broader range of options in all things, and that includes drinking (also known at… Continue reading Ask the Local

SPECIAL DOWNLOAD: Sept. 11 Tribute Tune

Following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Jonathan Waggoner (NC) of the band known as Corporate Whore composed a song in an attempt to understand the bigger picture behind the tragedy. Here you can download “The Frame,” performed by Waggoner on vocals, Amanda Krantz (NB) drums, James Jarrett (NG) lead guitar, and Neil Edwards (NA) rhythm… Continue reading SPECIAL DOWNLOAD: Sept. 11 Tribute Tune

Hbs Runner's Calendar

September 27, 2001 Logan Post 5.1K 7:00PM Thursday, West Somerville, Logan Post, 1194 Broadway Contact: 508-775-0143 Khoury’s 4.13M 7:15PM Thursday, Somerville, Khoury’s State Spa, 118 Broadway Contact: 617-598-1028 September 29, 2001 Team With A Vision 5K R/W 10:00AM Saturday, Boston, Artesani Park, Brighton Contact: 617-732-0244 Run for Youth 5K 10:00AM Saturday, Quincy,… Continue reading Hbs Runner's Calendar

Runner's Calendar

September 19, 2001 K’s for Caring 5K 5:30PM Wednesday, Lee Pool, Charles River Esplanade Contact: 617-357-6000 September 20, 2001 Logan Post 5.1K 7:00PM Thursday, Somerville, Logan Post, 1194 Broadway Contact: 508-775-0143 Khoury’s 4.13M 7:15PM Thursday, Somerville, Khoury’s, 118 Broadway Contact 617-598-1028 Bragging Rights Series 10K Norwell 9:00AM Saturday, Norwell, Norwell High School… Continue reading Runner's Calendar

Donating Blood For NYC, DC Victims

Tuesday’s terrorist attacks created an urgent need for blood in the New York City and Washington, D.C., areas, and Boston-area blood banks are accepting donations to help meet that need. Harvard University Health Services is planning to facilitate donations. For more information, click here. In addition, Harvard Business School students who are able and interested… Continue reading Donating Blood For NYC, DC Victims

Peabody Garage Renovations Create Parking Headache

With 1800 students having arrived or returned to campus during the past two weeks, HBS is suddenly faced with a significant parking problem. While always a tight fit, the combination of the SFP and Peabody Terrace garages, as well as students who commute to campus by public transportation, has traditionally provided a parking space for… Continue reading Peabody Garage Renovations Create Parking Headache

Museums of Boston and Cambridge

Museums around Harvard Harvard University Museums of Natural History, 617-495-3045 www.hmnh.harvard.edu26 Oxford St., Cambridge, T-Stop: HarvardHrs: daily 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (The Harvard Museum of Natural History is the public museum of Harvard University’s three natural history institutions, which includes: the Botanical Museum; the Museum of Comparative Zoology; and the Mineralogical and Geological Museum.) The Botanical… Continue reading Museums of Boston and Cambridge

The "Good" Black and the H-Bomb

As I write this article in celebration of Black History Month, it is difficult to share my thoughts about something that is at once personal, controversial, and political. In my fourth semester at HBS, I know that any one of these three topics makes for questionable conversation. I’m inspired, though, to challenge everyone to examine… Continue reading The "Good" Black and the H-Bomb

Fasten your seatbelts:

Has the frigid Boston weather locked you inside your dorms and kept you traveling through the tunnels to Spangler for every meal? Not to worry! Tiffani Lott (NJ) and I (Mousumi Shaw, NF) will be continuing our restaurant review series and will hopefully entice you to venture off campus. Last term we reported back from… Continue reading Fasten your seatbelts:

Eleven Essentials:

Some are a bit out of the way, some right under your nose, but all of these bars are can’t-miss bets for Cambridge dwellers. River Gods 125 River Street, Central Square (617) 576-1881 Intimate and trendy, River Gods may be destroyed by it own success. But until the masses swamp this small Central Square Bar,… Continue reading Eleven Essentials:

Losing My Vote

I didn’t vote yesterday -and not for lack of effort. After visits to two polling stations, telephone calls to the Boston and Cambridge Voting Commissions, and pleas to an Election Warden, I gave up. Somehow, in my move from Cambridge to Soldiers Field Park, I was dropped from the Cambridge voting list and never added… Continue reading Losing My Vote

The Harbus' Get Started Guide

Setting Up Home supplies Bed, Bath and Beyond401 Park Drive, Boston, 617-536-10907 Mystic View Road, Everett, 617-623-0001 Sears100 Cambridgeside Place, Cambridgeside Galleria, 617-252-9001 Target550 Arsenal Street, Watertown Mall, Watertown, 617-924-6574 Hardware Stores Home Depot615 Arsenal Street, Arlington Mall, Watertown, 617-926-029975 Mystic View Avenue, Everett, 617-623-0001 Dickson Bros. True Value Hardware26 Brattle Street, Harvard Square, 617-876-6760… Continue reading The Harbus' Get Started Guide

Case Rip Cord Returns to the RC

Some RC reruns: Anasazi Exclusive Salon Products, Inc.: The Artistic Director decided to name the company after an ancient Native American tribe because of their innovative artistry, oral tradition, and social awareness. He neglects to mention that this tribe disappeared suddenly and without a trace around AD 1300 for reasons still unknown to archaeologists today.… Continue reading Case Rip Cord Returns to the RC

The Intraview

Dancin’ the Night AwayBy Heidi Brooks (NE) I was completely shocked when I received the email last week from Goldie telling me my number had come up. Wow. And from the Kennedy School – apparently there aren’t enough single men here at HBS. Anyway, I was encouraged when I found out that he had specified… Continue reading The Intraview

Ask the Local: What is the Best of Cambridge?

The Local is a lifelong Cambridge native dedicated to sharing the wisdom of his years. Send your questions or comments in to For all the first-years, Welcome to HBS! For all the second-years, Welcome Back! I hope your summer seemed longer than mine… For more general info, get last month’s issue of Boston Magazine… Continue reading Ask the Local: What is the Best of Cambridge?

What About My Wheels?

Insurance: Massachusetts auto insurance works on a no-fault system for personal injury coverage. In most cases, this means that your insurance company is responsible for covering injuries in a collision, regardless of fault. However, you still have the right to sue for liability for damage to your vehicle. The no-fault provision usually does not apply… Continue reading What About My Wheels?

Harvard's Expansion Leaves Local Residents in its Dust

In 1636 the New World’s first college had about 400 pounds in its coffers. Today, this college, Harvard University, has an endowment of nearly $20 billion (a figure larger than the GDP of more than 50% of the world’s nations) and an annual operating budget of nearly $2 billion. Very impressive numbers, and ones that… Continue reading Harvard's Expansion Leaves Local Residents in its Dust

Ask the Local:

Dear Local: I have a hot date with a sophisticated second year. I want to impress her by taking her somewhere she hasn’t been. Any thoughts? Dear Clueless –This is the type of question I get asked most often, so I have a couple of great ideas for you. The first is a somewhat unknown… Continue reading Ask the Local:

Ask the Local

Dear Local: I have two unrelated questions that only you can answer:1) Can you recommend a good shoe repair shop in Cambridge?2) When does the ski season officially end? Wayne Taitt, NF Wayne – I’ll take the easy one first – Try Cappy’s Shoe Repair in Harvard Square (0 Brattle Street, 617-491-0455). I have no… Continue reading Ask the Local

Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

His Story So, one day it happens. You’re sitting there, pretending to study, and you see the little envelope pop up. You’ve got mail. Of course, you stop all attempts at studying and alt-tab over to Outlook. Job offer? Social invitation? Another duplicative HBS club email? Another duplicative HBS club email? And there it was—an… Continue reading Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

Exotic Asian Cuisine

Fabulous restaurant–its classic contemporary with subtle Asian influences atmosphere is reason alone to visit–not to mention the so called sexy Satay bar. However, be prepared to leave your pocketbook at the table. The food is excellent though, and worth the price for such attention to unique aromatic flavor combinations, creative food presentations, and chic ambiance.… Continue reading Exotic Asian Cuisine

Sidney's Grille – Review

Sidney’s 555-0324 Appetizers: $5 – $9Entrees: $13 – $28Sides: $3 – $5Desserts: $4 – $6 On balance, Sidney’s Grille in Cambridge was a bit of a disappointment. I had a gut feeling that it would be but with “Bon Appetit’s” praise of “it’s almost shocking to pay this little for food this good, in… Continue reading Sidney's Grille – Review