Guinness Goes Too Far

To many beer drinkers, Guinness Stout is a familiar and reliable beer that instills a sense of comfort and cheer. A pint of Guinness is more than just a beverage; it’s an icon. Ordering one can be as much a celebration of “Irishness” as it is a request for a beer. Thanks to this image,… Continue reading Guinness Goes Too Far

The "Good" Black and the H-Bomb

As I write this article in celebration of Black History Month, it is difficult to share my thoughts about something that is at once personal, controversial, and political. In my fourth semester at HBS, I know that any one of these three topics makes for questionable conversation. I’m inspired, though, to challenge everyone to examine… Continue reading The "Good" Black and the H-Bomb

Beaujolais Nouveau: Celebration of the Vine

On the third Thursday of each November, an event takes place in the Beaujolais region of France that sparks a chain reaction around the world. In cafes and wineries, the first bottles from that year’s batch of wine are made available for sale with great fanfare. A race follows as exporters use whatever means available… Continue reading Beaujolais Nouveau: Celebration of the Vine

Oktoberfest, or, well, um, at least Oktoberget-Together.

You know that scene in European Vacation when the Griswalds are in Bavaria and Chevy Chase gets in the fight with the guys in lederhosen? That’s my impression of the annual Oktoberfest in Munich. I imagine an old city square full of beautiful blonde women carrying mugs of beer and fat German guys in lederhosen… Continue reading Oktoberfest, or, well, um, at least Oktoberget-Together.

Therapy for March Madness

The NCAA Tournament kicks off on Thursday. For those in the HBS community unfamiliar with it, the Tournament (known as “March Madness”) is a three-week, 64-team extravaganza of basketball played by college kids. The teams are seeded 1 through 16 within four regions of the country. Over six rounds, the field is whittled to one… Continue reading Therapy for March Madness

St. Patrick's Day:

If you think about it, St. Patrick’s Day is a weird holiday. You celebrate a holy man’s accomplishments by acting in a most unholy way. Anyone who is so inclined can become temporarily Irish. And, of course, everything from milkshakes to bagels to beer is colored green as part of the celebration. On the surface,… Continue reading St. Patrick's Day:


Who knew that the HBS student body was so committed to the celebration of our Founding Fathers? I certainly didn’t. Who knew that if I failed to set a couple up on an Intraview no Intraview would occur? Well, actually, I did know that part, but I was just a little disorganized this weekend: this… Continue reading Goldie

Mixed Mayhem

By Guillermo Villanueva (OB) Club Iberoamericano RepresentativeRegardless of currency devaluations and few job offers for Harvard MBAs, Latinos feel that there are always good reasons to celebrate and be together. Club Iberoamericano definitely well deserves the reputation as one of the best party organizers on campus after hosting the “Corona” party on Jan 26th, transforming… Continue reading Mixed Mayhem

Falling in Love With Am‚lie

Falling in Love With Am‚lieLe Fabuleux destin d’Am‚lie Poulain (Am‚lie)Director: Jean-Pierre JeunetStudio: MiramaxScreenplay: Guillame Laurent, Jean-Pierre JeunetStarring: Audrey Tautou (Am‚lie Poulain)Rating: R The tagline that appears most in articles and trailers about Am‚lie is “you’ll fall in love with her.” You’ll get no argument from my end. In my personal opinion, Am‚lie (the short translation… Continue reading Falling in Love With Am‚lie

HBS Marines Celebrate 228 Years

Last Tuesday, HBS’s former members of the Marine Corps and other Armed Services hosted a celebration in honor of the 228th birthday of the U.S. Marines. Fellow HBS students, family, and friends joined with former service members to experience the tradition, pomp, and circumstance of this time-honored military ceremony. The annual birthday celebration is a… Continue reading HBS Marines Celebrate 228 Years

Priscilla: Perspectives From the Token Australian

3 a.m., 2A Hingham Street, Priscilla after-party“This is the best night of my life”. “This”, I repeated slowly, “is the best night of my life”. From one perspective, of course, I had no right to be saying this. I was in my living room, wearing a cheap dress and even cheaper makeup. I was not… Continue reading Priscilla: Perspectives From the Token Australian

HBS A 8 – 1 HLS

The 100 or so fans who turned up to watch HBS play HLS at the Ohiri stadium in the latest round of the Boston Graduate league were treated to a demonstration of soccer, as the home team struck eight unanswered goals against their Law School rivals. HBS started well, and grazed the bar with shots… Continue reading HBS A 8 – 1 HLS

Earth Day Activities Around Massachusetts

Ashland CleanupTown officials are looking for volunteers to clean up roadsides and schools to celebrate Earth Day. Bags, vests, tools, and refreshments will be provided. A noontime lunch and environmental fair also are planned. The celebration of Clean Up Ashland Day and Earth Day, sponsored by the Board of Health and Recycling Committee, is scheduled… Continue reading Earth Day Activities Around Massachusetts

Cupid's Arrow

Negligence in relationships occurs in two dominant varieties. Most of the time, two people discuss the situation and rectify it in some fashion. Sometimes, however, one party consistantly denies the existence of a problem yet embraces every possible chance to remind the other of his transgression. This is the fate of a man who forgets… Continue reading Cupid's Arrow

Halloween: A Treat For All Ages

I’ll never forget my fourth grade Halloween costume. And neither will my mother. Dressed as The Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger (glove, mask, striped red shirt, and all), my ultimate goal was to collect the largest trick or treat bag of candy by differentiating myself from the pack of more traditional witches and princesses.… Continue reading Halloween: A Treat For All Ages

'Buycott': 85 Broads and WSA Celebrate Women's Buying Power

How would the world be if women stopped shopping for a day? While the scenario sounds incredibly remote, on October 19th 85 Broads is putting this idea into action. On Tuesday, October 19th, thousands of women across the United States will participate in a ‘buycott’ initiated by 85 Broads, an independent women’s network of 4,500… Continue reading 'Buycott': 85 Broads and WSA Celebrate Women's Buying Power

Valentine Songs for the Relationship Impaired

Valentine’s Day. I don’t think there’s a day throughout the year that evokes a more mixed range of emotions. Some people love the opportunity to be with ‘The One’, while others feel it just generates feelings of inadequacy and despair. Guys, on the other hand, see it for what it is: just another Hallmark attempt… Continue reading Valentine Songs for the Relationship Impaired

Halloween at the Dean’s House

In a joint effort, the Harvard Crimson Kids Club, Dean Nitin Nohria, and his wife Monica hosted one of the largest and most well-attended Halloween events for Harvard Business School families, despite a few challenges and unreliable weather predictions. At 10 a.m., Monday morning Crimson Kids Committee Chair Vanessa Theurer was watching the weather closely… Continue reading Halloween at the Dean’s House

Holi – The Festival of Colors

Last Saturday’s gathering on the MAC Quad was an emotional rainbow. Over 200 students from across Harvard united to celebrate the festival of Holi with vibrant colors, festive sweets and friendly games. Spring’s first warm rays pierced the cold air in Cambridge on the lovely afternoon of March 26th to set the perfect stage. Students… Continue reading Holi – The Festival of Colors

Lessons Learned

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, I am reminded of the myriad of issues surrounding the opportunities and pitfalls of the holiday season. The lessons were to get employees involved in the decisions, support programs that impact the highest number of employees and to be spontaneous about when they occur. Once a “precedent” is established,… Continue reading Lessons Learned


Last month, hundreds across HBS gathered in groups large and small to celebrate Diwali-the Festival of Lights. Also known as Deepavali, the celebration is observed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists to commemorate the victory of good over evil and to mark the end of the Hindu lunar year for many. One popular belief… Continue reading Diwali


In its return to the HBS campus on December 8, 2006 after a one year hiatus, Sankofa both surprised and delighted, captivating the audience of nearly 600. As the lights dimmed in Burden Auditorium, the air filled with anticipation for what was to be one of the best performances ever witnessed on the campus of… Continue reading Sankofa!

"High-Fives" Places a Respectable Third in Valentine's Day Gift-Giving Polls

For those of you fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be in a relationship this upcoming Valentine’s Day (February 14 for those with short-term memories), the celebration will certainly include the ceremonious exchanging of gifts. For those of you on the giving side of the equation, this represents not only an opportunity to express your affection… Continue reading "High-Fives" Places a Respectable Third in Valentine's Day Gift-Giving Polls

The Harbus Foundation: Giving Has its Rewards

Marni Weil is a member of one of this year’s Harbus Foundation Venture Philanthropy Teams. Come learn more about HBS’ Harbus Foundation and meet student-selected grant awardees at a celebration on Wednesday, April 20th from 5:15 pm to 6:15pm in the Spangler Meredith Room. Before I came to HBS, the word “philanthropist” conjured up names… Continue reading The Harbus Foundation: Giving Has its Rewards