Overview of Investment Banking

What is investment banking? Depending on who you ask (including i-bankers themselves), you will get somewhat different answers. Broadly speaking, investment banks provide a gamut of financial and advisory services to corporations, institutions (both private and public) and even individuals (usually high-net-worth ones.very high). There are generally three or more distinct business areas that major… Continue reading Overview of Investment Banking

Schmoozing 101

I am a terrible schmoozer. When I saw that there was a career fair during Cyberposium, I knew I had to go. After all, this was MY career fair, not investment bankers or VC guys or gals, this was the career fair where I might actually be considered a desirable candidate. So I threw on… Continue reading Schmoozing 101

Working the HBS Network

Harvard Business School students commonly cite the extensive HBS Network as a primary motivator in their school selection. Indeed, MBA graduates report that, in retrospect, networking was the most important part of their job-search activity. Stacey Kessel, HBS Associate Director of MBA Career Services, points out that even those who found jobs via on-campus recruiting… Continue reading Working the HBS Network

Employment Committee Continues to Seek Harvard Community Views

The University-wide committee that was formed in May 2001 to examine issues relating to the economic welfare and opportunities of lower-paid employees at Harvard, both those employed directly by the University and those employed by companies that provide on-campus services to the University continues to seek the views of the Harvard community. The Harvard Committee… Continue reading Employment Committee Continues to Seek Harvard Community Views

What's Hot This Week

Second-year international students are reaching out to help their first-year colleagues with how to survive at HBS as a non-native English speaker. The advice will come at a lunchtime panel session tomorrow at noon in Aldrich 110. The panel is being sponsored by the SA Senate, with support from the Education representatives and the International… Continue reading What's Hot This Week

Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs To Be Done

They say the best things come in small packages. So it is with Bob Nelson’s absorbing little management handbook, subtitled “Every Employee’s Guide to Making Work More Rewarding”. Crammed full of specific, practical advice for young managers, the book’s central philosophy is this: your employer has one Ultimate Expectation, albeit one that’s seldom stated explicitly-that… Continue reading Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs To Be Done

Oh, Baby!

I now know why everyone was looking so sleepy in class last spring-apparently, no one was actually getting any sleep. Early last year, we joked about how the section motto should be “C Section-we deliver!” OK, everybody-groan on cue. But we had no idea how true the saying would become. There are currently something like… Continue reading Oh, Baby!

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Cheers and Jeers

Cheer: To Case Protagonist Bill Feth (’75), CEO of Akron Electronics Supply Company. After finishing Supply Chain class with the normal case protagonist wrap-up, Feth went above the call of duty and gave us heartfelt advice about maintaining work/life balance, giving back to the community, and exercising freedoms. The ovation Feth received was the most… Continue reading Cheers and Jeers

Career Advice From an Early Sustainability Advocate

The following is a profile of Al Nierenberg, (MBA 1990), as part of the Social Enterprise Club’s mentorship program. Al Nierenberg’s passion for sustainability was evident during his time at HBS where he spearheaded the school’s paper recycling program. Just as the recycling program has increased in prevalence on campus, so has the concept of… Continue reading Career Advice From an Early Sustainability Advocate

Buying a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Buying Valentine’s gifts for men is tricky. When giving advice to my female friends on the topic, I usually tell them that whatever they’d like to receive on Valentine’s Day is exactly what they should NOT buy their significant other. Flowers? Not unless they started growing black roses. Jewelry? Not unless it’s a 50 cent… Continue reading Buying a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Dynamic Women in Business Conference – 2003

Female alumni, students, and members of the business community descended on the HBS campus on Saturday, January 25th to listen to keynote speakers and attend industry panels at the “Dynamic Women in Business 2003” conference, hosted annually by the Women’s Student Association. From far and wide they came to share strategies on building rewarding and… Continue reading Dynamic Women in Business Conference – 2003

Interview with Nick Candee

The following is an excerpt from a conversation I recently had with my Social Enterprise Alumni Mentor, Nick Candee (MBA 1978), about his career in the social enterprise sector. What is your role in social enterprise? In eight years at the National Fire Prevention Association (www.nfpa.org), my challenge as Director, Global Operations, was to accomplish… Continue reading Interview with Nick Candee

Dear Gaurav

“Dear Gaurav” is a new feature in which the illustrious Gaurav Misra will answer any and all questions that are on the minds of HBS students. Dear Gaurav, There is a really hot woman in my section that I really, really want. How do you think that I should go about convincing her that I’m… Continue reading Dear Gaurav

Movie Review: Two Weeks Notice

“Harvard… intriguing…”. The exact two words every HBS girl hopes Hugh Grant will utter when he meets her. In “Two Weeks Notice”, Lucy Kelson (Bullock) is a brilliant but neurotic Harvard lawyer whose current cause is saving a Brooklyn community center. The filthy-rich corporate figurehead of the company trying to destroy it, George Wade (Grant),… Continue reading Movie Review: Two Weeks Notice

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The Do's and Don'ts of Black Monday

Much ado has been made this fall about the coming of Black Monday. You know, Black Monday, that day, the first day Monday after Thanksgiving, where all the unmarried, “partnered” students would see their coupledom, like warm cotton candy, dissolve, evolving instead into an orgy of single, available, and on-the-hunt co-ed’s on a chum-induced feeding… Continue reading The Do's and Don'ts of Black Monday

Viewpoints: And Why Do They Call it Consulting?

It was when I drew a Venn diagram to illustrate to my husband how the Harvard work/life balance worked that I realized that you can take the girl out of consulting but you can’t take the consultant out of the girl. My husband was impressed by the diagram. He was less impressed when I told… Continue reading Viewpoints: And Why Do They Call it Consulting?

Exclusive HBS Interview with Marjorie M.T. Yang

One of the prominent recipients of the 2002 HBS Alumni Achievement Award is Marjorie M.T. Yang, Chairman and Chief Executive of The Esquel Group, the largest garment manufacturer in the world. Based in China, her company manufactures high quality garments for some of the world’s greatest designers, including Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Marks & Spencer… Continue reading Exclusive HBS Interview with Marjorie M.T. Yang

Dating an Undergraduate

So, despite my endorsement of section love, reactions from the readers revealed that many HBS students still feel hesitant about dating someone from his/her section and making it public even if it happens. Yet, over one-third of the HBS population is single and available (or taken/married but available). Now, who should we date? You can… Continue reading Dating an Undergraduate

Investing in the Future

I feel terrible. Two weeks ago in a Harbus article I jokingly suggested that children were more expensive than MBAs. My son must have taken the comment to heart because over the weekend he took monetary matters into his own hands. There are many euphemistic ways to describe what happened – I’ve been telling everyone… Continue reading Investing in the Future

2002 Alumni Achievement Awards:

“To seek to make a contribution trusting that the rewards will follow.” – Raymond V. Gilmartin, Chairman, President & CEO of Merck Co, Inc. Each year the HBS community is drawn together to honor a select group of alumni who have been recognized as extraordinary representatives of the HBS community. The Alumni Achievement Award is… Continue reading 2002 Alumni Achievement Awards:

An Open Letter to the RC from the EC

The SEC recently enacted Regulation FD, mandating full disclosure in the financial markets. In light of recent events underscoring the importance of this rule, I’ve decided to provide full disclosure to the RC on the various unknowns in the HBS experience. The following are some points of advice for the RC class: 1) Admissions Mistakes.… Continue reading An Open Letter to the RC from the EC

Welcome Home!

HBS is a rite of passage of sorts, a grand thresshold through which you will struggle to pass and be transformed in the process. And though it is a truism that “home is where the heart is,” the aspect of “home” probably most overlooked is that one’s “heart” and “home” can be in many places… Continue reading Welcome Home!

Response to Editorial: "Talking the Talk When Talk is Cheap"

“Talking the Talk When Talk is Cheap” is a disappointing example of biased journalism that presents opinions about a situation without considering the larger context in which the situation occurs. Perhaps the Initiative on Social Enterprise could have better communicated the message about potential funding cuts in the Summer Fellowship Program. However, the suggestions in… Continue reading Response to Editorial: "Talking the Talk When Talk is Cheap"

Evaluating Your Offer

However overused the aphorism may be, knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating your job offer. When you hear those reassuring words “We’d like to offer you the job,” don’t make the mistake of thinking your research is over. Arm yourself with all the relevant data to close the deal and achieve the best… Continue reading Evaluating Your Offer