Fasten your seatbelts:

Has the frigid Boston weather locked you inside your dorms and kept you traveling through the tunnels to Spangler for every meal? Not to worry!

Tiffani Lott (NJ) and I (Mousumi Shaw, NF) will be continuing our restaurant review series and will hopefully entice you to venture off campus. Last term we reported back from the kitchens of some exciting restaurants in the Boston and Cambridge area. Our taste buds traveled from the nouveau, to the exotic visiting such places as the newly launched Restaurant 33, to Tangierino’s to Cambridge’s Oleana.

This spring we’ll be investigating and reporting back on some local dives such as Chinatown’s Eatery to swanky places like Bomboa to new joints like 9 Tastes and News 24/7. We would also love to hear back from our fellow classmates and partners so if you have a great restaurant you would like us to report on, please email us at:

So fasten your seatbelts or rather widen your waist belts for some spicy spring cuisines!