Got an Hour? Get the Job!

Guest author Frank Vuotto knows a little somethin’ about effective research, being that he’s a business librarian at a top university. So he’s put together a little primer on preparing for the job search.As a business librarian at a top-20 business school, I have heard all the eleventh-hour pleas and bargaining ploys from students in… Continue reading Got an Hour? Get the Job!

Overview of Investment Banking

What is investment banking? Depending on who you ask (including i-bankers themselves), you will get somewhat different answers. Broadly speaking, investment banks provide a gamut of financial and advisory services to corporations, institutions (both private and public) and even individuals (usually high-net-worth ones.very high). There are generally three or more distinct business areas that major… Continue reading Overview of Investment Banking


This article was formerly known as “New J Goes Skiing”. During the transition to EC, it was changed to “OJ Goes Skiing.” And in a few short months the title will change again to “Section J Class of 2002 Goes Skiing-Alumni Update.” We wanted to avoid such name changes and we wanted to maintain one… Continue reading Symbol

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Is Another Economic Slide Around the Corner?

We all have seen brighter days of the U.S. economy than the present (not to mention, on a personal level, those of the current labor market). There is substantial hope that brighter days are to come. In reality, there is a possibility of a longer than expected recuperation period and a deeper economic crisis in… Continue reading Is Another Economic Slide Around the Corner?

What is the Value of Information?

(Part 1): Assigning Value With the dawn of the World Wide Web, and it’s subsequent information overload, came the misconception that all that information bombarding us was accurate, useful–and free. In this three part series, What is the Value of Information? Liz Bibby, Director of Business Information Services, examines this assumption. In part one of… Continue reading What is the Value of Information?

Using the Statistical Abstract Online

The Statistical Abstract of the United States summarizes statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Need data on employment figures, retail sales by industry, or commercial real estate? Those, and many other figures can be found in the SA. Fire up your browser. The Statistical Abstract of the United States… Continue reading Using the Statistical Abstract Online

Ode to Shopping

One of the supposed “perks” of moving to a new city is spending weeks or months furnishing a new dwelling. Some of us enjoy the experience, some of us hate it. There you go – we are not all born equal shoppers.I fall into the category of people who enjoy small amounts of shopping, tolerate… Continue reading Ode to Shopping

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Building Better IT Partnerships

If information technology (IT) is the future of business, why is it such a pain to manage productively? The reasons lie in the way it has evolved; the solution lies in a move toward partner relationships among technology suppliers. Imagine a world where you could fill your gas tank with only one brand of gasoline… Continue reading Building Better IT Partnerships

Sustainable Development Society Hosts Patagonia CEO Michael Crooke

It was standing room only in Aldrich 8 as Michael Crooke, President & CEO of Patagonia, addressed a group of approximately 150 students during the latest installment of The Sustainable Development Society’s speaker series. Crooke spoke about what he calls “The Re-evolution of Business: Strategies for the 21st Century.” In his view, the traditional approach… Continue reading Sustainable Development Society Hosts Patagonia CEO Michael Crooke

Recruiting Snafus: What Not to Say to a Recruiter

So, which did you prefer – the lifeless interrogation rooms at Chase (easy escape) or making idle conversation in “reception” rooms at the Doubletree (comfy internment)? Either way, it is what happened during the interviews which results in the most giggles all up and down the hallways of Aldrich. During our heady week of selling… Continue reading Recruiting Snafus: What Not to Say to a Recruiter

What About My Wheels?

Insurance: Massachusetts auto insurance works on a no-fault system for personal injury coverage. In most cases, this means that your insurance company is responsible for covering injuries in a collision, regardless of fault. However, you still have the right to sue for liability for damage to your vehicle. The no-fault provision usually does not apply… Continue reading What About My Wheels?

Kitsch Too: Eclectic Boogaloo

The morning of Sunday, May 27th held great promise for Zack “Scoop” Kramer, Jeff “Woodward” Wald, and Nick “Bernstein” Shurgot. The sun was shining, our bellies were full of doughnuts, and we were retelling stories from the previous night at Chatham’s watering hole, The Squire, aka “The Dirty Bird.” We strolled into downtown Chatham, MA… Continue reading Kitsch Too: Eclectic Boogaloo

Recruiter Newsflash

ManufacturersDaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) is preparing a management shakeup as part of a sweeping restructuring, The Financial Times reported on its Web site Tuesday. Chairman Jurgen Schrempp is to take control of a new “executive automotive committee” overseeing the group’s Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler divisions, as well as its commercial vehicle activities and the alliance with Japan’s… Continue reading Recruiter Newsflash

Intel & Otellini

Looking rested and fresh following Intel’s spectacular third quarter performance, President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Otellini addressed HBS students Monday on major technology trends, Intel’s changing business model, and the future of computing. Empathizing with today’s tough job climate, Otellini commiserated with the students as he remembered his own graduation in 1974 from the… Continue reading Intel & Otellini

Go East or Bust

ECs: I remember sitting in the same shoes as many of you last year – happy with my summer internship, but more excited to leave the working world and return to the safe haven of the HBS “bubble.” However, I quickly abandoned my hopes of daily visits to the Redline as the state of the… Continue reading Go East or Bust

A Minute With: Peter Hunsinger

Peter Hunsinger is President of the Cond‚ Nast Bridal Group, which consists of the two leading bridal magazines in the United States, Bride’s and Modern Bride, as well as 17 regional magazines and two web sites. Mr. Hunsinger became the first President of the division when it was formed in February, 2002. Mr. Hunsinger is… Continue reading A Minute With: Peter Hunsinger

Alumni Connections: All Tied-Up

Traditionally, neckties that could be described as ‘out-right fun’ were only seen dangling from the necks of eccentric college professors and Joe Six-Pack. It used to be that well-dressed contemporary men would not be caught dead in a whimsical tie. That is of course, until Lee Allison, a former investment banker and ad-man, made them… Continue reading Alumni Connections: All Tied-Up

COOP Announces 6% Rebate, Payback Increases 20% Over 2003 Rebate

Cambridge, MA. October 18, 2004- The Harvard Cooperative Society (THE COOP) today announced a rebate of 6% to all paid-up members on merchandise sales of $ 39,629,828. Members will soon receive a check returning 6% of the value of their purchases made at any of the six Coop locations, as well as mail order and… Continue reading COOP Announces 6% Rebate, Payback Increases 20% Over 2003 Rebate

Have It Your Way:

Most of us have seen the ads by now. A group of young office workers, sort of a cross between yuppies and slackers, stand around while a co-worker hands out their lunches from a big Burger King bag. They compete to see who can come up with the most outlandish and innovative sandwich, try out… Continue reading Have It Your Way:

Lingerie Comeback Queen: Frederick's Transformed

“You have Frederick’s to thank for black lingerie,” Linda LoRe, CEO of lingerie icon Frederick’s of Hollywood, asserted. “It was considered quite scandalous when it was first introduced in our flagship Hollywood store in 1946”. Addressing an audience at Harvard Business School, LoRe discussed how she led the dramatic transformation of the misguided retailer over… Continue reading Lingerie Comeback Queen: Frederick's Transformed

A Panel Discussion on

The Global Outsourcing Club invited a number of distinguished speakers to participate on a panel on current trends in international outsourcing. Led by Professor John Wells, the panelists spoke about their past experiences and future expectations for the industry. The first speaker was Ashok Dutt, the EVP of Marketing for Discover Financial Services, who shared… Continue reading A Panel Discussion on

A Boston Tea Party: Seth Goldman of Honest Tea Visits HBS

The nation’s best-selling and fastest-growing organic bottled tea company, Honest Tea, could be the most exciting revolution in the beverage industry since the Boston Tea Party. The company’s slightly sweetened, all natural teas are an alternative to high calorie carbonated beverages and are catching on with consumers. Honest Tea ranked among the top 25% of… Continue reading A Boston Tea Party: Seth Goldman of Honest Tea Visits HBS

Terrible Sales Tactics…

By Steve Hind, Harvard Business School Class of 2016 Your inside sales team’s faux-personal, harassing emails make me hate your company. Inside sales, we hear, is the future of sales, at least in B2B. But as a person who is on the receiving end of inside sales tactics roughly once a month, at least one… Continue reading Terrible Sales Tactics…

HBS Team Places Third in MIT Sloan Sales Competition

As a prominent HBS entrepreneur-in-residence put it so eloquently, “Sales is sex, marketing is masturbation.”  Marketing is being alone in a room, staring a computer with the door closed.  Sales is interaction—meeting people, going door-to-door, pressing the flesh so to speak.  Though both sales and marketing have their time and place, this begs the question:… Continue reading HBS Team Places Third in MIT Sloan Sales Competition