Editor's Welcome

Thanks for checking out the latest incarnation of the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) section. Though much of the content builds on the high standards of the previous team, look for an increased emphasis on A&E opportunities in the broader Boston area in coming editions. Basically, while we’d never turn down the warm beer and the… Continue reading Editor's Welcome

Interview with Jeanie Duck, Boston Consulting Group

Jeanie Duck, Senior Vice President at the Boston Consulting Group, knows a thing or two about change. She lost her job in the early ’80s when the company she worked for went bankrupt, and saw at first-hand the emotional havoc wreaked on all those caught up in the maelstrom. Undeterred, she bounced back, and was… Continue reading Interview with Jeanie Duck, Boston Consulting Group

Helpful Harvard Hints

Ever since I came to HBS, I’ve picked up a few helpful hints. After all, it’s the little things that make me happy. I’m sure most students already know about most that I will mention, especially the EC’s. However, some may not know, and for those people, I offer you my learnings… 1) Jake’s FRC… Continue reading Helpful Harvard Hints

Swinging in Style at the Fogg

The European Club’s Annual Cocktail Party at the Fogg Art Museum in Harvard Square is traditionally one of the highlights of the HBS social calendar. This year’s event, held on Friday September 21, was eagerly awaited as the first major social since the events of September 11. Hundreds of members of the Classes of 2002… Continue reading Swinging in Style at the Fogg

K-School Panel Discusses Future of Black Music Local Entertainment Panel Analysis

The Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Forum hummed with activity on Friday afternoon [February 28], as enthusiastic members of the Harvard community dodged television cameras, a coterie of technicians and the space’s usual foot traffic in search of seats for Whose Music Is It Anyway?, a panel on the future of African-American music and the… Continue reading K-School Panel Discusses Future of Black Music Local Entertainment Panel Analysis

Dear Gaurav

Dear Gaurav, How do I get into the hive if I’m not a wasp? signed,Wannabe Before I advise you on how, my lawyers have told me to cover myself by giving you this simple warning – you will get stung. I know how to get into the hive, I unfortunately don’t know how to get… Continue reading Dear Gaurav

Personal Impressions

Perhaps you have wondered what transpired in the art world to bring impressionist posters to the dorm walls of college women everywhere. The answer may lie in the current exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A strict teleological interpretation of Impressionism leads us to understand this period as a natural progression toward… Continue reading Personal Impressions

HBS Women Make Art Their Business

Natasha Pearl (MBA ’89) took a typical post-HBS path, serving stints in American Express, Booz-Allen and Mercer Consulting, primarily focused on financial services marketing. However, when she took a sabbatical to work through a systematic career transition program, a very different idea emerged. Her career counselor, Mary Burton (an HBS MBA graduate), had her list… Continue reading HBS Women Make Art Their Business

Poetry Review: Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate

Poetry and HBS students typically go together like Microsoft Excel and art history majors. In his December 12 appearance at Harvard, the U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins reminded me how poetry can provide time for simple things business school can push aside: an easy laugh, a few minutes of reflection, or a little help getting… Continue reading Poetry Review: Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate

Shades of Gray

For most of our lives, we go home for the holidays alone or with an established significant other (plus or minus offspring). Less frequent are the audition trips, where you introduce a significant other. These cannot be taken lightly. Your partner will see your primary source for defining “family,” observe how you interact with long-term… Continue reading Shades of Gray

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Editor's Welcome: Arts & Entertainment

Welcome to the 2003 Edition A & E section. Thanks for reading! Building on the consistent strength of last year’s A&E section, you can expect a continuing selection of reviews and recommendations covering music, film, art, print, websites, restaurants, bars and clubs. From high-brow, to low-brow, to no-brow; across the Harvard community and around ‘the… Continue reading Editor's Welcome: Arts & Entertainment

Editor-in-Chief's Farewell

Somehow it doesn’t feel quite right. It may say “Editor-in-Chief” under my name, but the drive behind this year’s edition of The Harbus most definitely came from someone else – a person who revamped the design, content, and attitude of The Harbus in more ways than most people recognize. That person is Nicholas Allen Will… Continue reading Editor-in-Chief's Farewell

Holiday Season Line Up

Even with the holidays (and finals) fast approaching, the Boston art scene hasn’t stopped thumping. While, for many, our schedules are already spread too thinly over the next few weeks attending holiday parties, preparing our final presentations or getting holiday shopping done, there is still a wealth of creative opportunities to explore in Boston. Some… Continue reading Holiday Season Line Up

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Moving forward, glancing back.

This undated (but probably ca. 1950) photograph shows the impressive facade of Baker Library. Though the upcoming renovation of the library will result in a state-of-the art structure that supports technological development and twenty-first century research needs, it will not compromise the architectural distinction of the building. Photo courtesy Harvard Business School Archives.

Baker Library Renovation Planned for Summer 2003

In surveys of library users, Baker consistently gets high marks for its collections and services, but very low marks for its physical amenities. However, the days of trying to study at Baker despite the drone of the fans, blowing paper and heat and humidity are numbered. The School is now planning for major renovations to… Continue reading Baker Library Renovation Planned for Summer 2003

HBS Art Appreciation Society Hits Top Newbury Street Gallery

I know nothing about art. Okay, that’s perhaps not entirely accurate. In undergrad I took Introduction to Art History, but that was mostly because Anna Bordeau – she of the sexy French accent and flirtatious demeanor – was also taking it, and because alphabetical seating is a beautiful thing. Though one could argue that my… Continue reading HBS Art Appreciation Society Hits Top Newbury Street Gallery

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Hitchcock and Suspense

What differentiates one director’s style from another? Without knowing the name of a film, what small details in a film allows one say, “Oh, this is one of those Ford westerns?” The cinematic style in which a director (and a cinematographer) chooses to shoot a scene, light a set, and construct the physical parameters of… Continue reading Hitchcock and Suspense

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HBS Art Appreciation Society

Although Boston’s Newbury Street galleries have traditionally catered to a more conservative clientele who prefer the representational to the conceptual, there is change in the air. Under the new direction of Abigail Ross, the Judi Rotenberg Gallery, a 30-year old veteran of the street, is undergoing a transformation of sorts. Rotenberg opened the eponymous gallery… Continue reading HBS Art Appreciation Society

Two Taboos – Unhappy and Single at HBS

Does the idea of section bonding make you nauseas? Are you developing arthritis from sitting in the same seat, in that same room? Are your section mates spreading “she’s too good for us” rumors because you haven’t been seen at the last ten section events this past month? Are you bruised from bumping into the… Continue reading Two Taboos – Unhappy and Single at HBS

Studio Lucifero:

MIAMI, FL – In his modestly-sized apartment in an upscale residential tower on Miami’s exclusive South Beach neighborhood, Roberto Lucifero welcomes his dinner guests with warm hugs and glasses of wine for all. The apartment is decorated with the impeccable taste of a world-renowned artist, and indeed Lucifero is just that. But Lucifero is not… Continue reading Studio Lucifero:

In and Around Boston: Late Summer Happenings

You don’t need a car to enjoy:Wednesday nights: Swingin’ Under the Stars at Faneuil Hall. Each Wednesday night from 6:00pm – 10:00 pm, South Market Street will be transformed into a swingin’ club. Can’t dance? Don’t worry? Trained professionals will be on hand to take you through the steps. Did I mention it’s free! Check… Continue reading In and Around Boston: Late Summer Happenings

Designed for Life: Design School vs. HBS

I thought I would write about my observations and experience as a cross-reg student from the Graduate School of Design (GSD). On my walks over the river to Shangri-La, I would reflect on differences in teaching style, people, campus environment, and perceptions of time. Allow me to share. For those who don’t know, the GSD… Continue reading Designed for Life: Design School vs. HBS

Sidney's Grille – Review

Sidney’s Grillewww.sidneysgrille.com(617) 555-0324 Appetizers: $5 – $9Entrees: $13 – $28Sides: $3 – $5Desserts: $4 – $6 On balance, Sidney’s Grille in Cambridge was a bit of a disappointment. I had a gut feeling that it would be but with “Bon Appetit’s” praise of “it’s almost shocking to pay this little for food this good, in… Continue reading Sidney's Grille – Review

Editor's Welcome: The International Perspective

As you’ll quickly come to realize over the coming weeks, I get confused easily. Shoe laces, Muller corners, pedestrian crossings, stop signs – though I appear to be joined on this one by most of Boston’s drivers – have all left me questioning my sanity. And since being given this job I’ve been thoroughly perplexed… Continue reading Editor's Welcome: The International Perspective