Rugby Takes on Wolfhounds in League Play

Hindrances came up early and often for the men of HBS Rugby in preparation for the final road game of the season, against the Wolfhounds at the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, MA. With mere hours to spare before the match, Derek “What’s my name again?” Mendez (OD) was still in need of a Priscilla Ball ticket, and more importantly, had not a thing to wear! Saved by HBS Rugby fans Lyn Baranowski (OG), Lucy Foster (OH), and Stuart Lochray (OG), Mendez was able to attend the ball in style, and still has the broken glass in his foot to prove it.

But as game time neared, tickets and women’s clothing were just the beginning of the obstacles that would confront the rugby team this weekend. With J.Lo unfortunately not back for this week’s match, who would rise up to make sure the ruggers were ready to go? Stepping up to the plate was the better half of Forwards Captain Tony Carango (OA), the lovely and talented Arin Stodin. Stodin whipped the team into shape for Priscilla Ball, providing key accessories and then applying foundation, mascara, eye shadow, false eyelashes, lipstick, and nail polish in a whirlwind of cosmetics. Alas, the best finish for the rugby team was 2nd place to Key “RufusPaul” Kiarie (OK).

The next hurdle for HBS on the way to their weekend match was Saturday morning’s Head of the Charles tailgate, where the traditional “hair of the dog” was enjoyed for breakfast before heading over to the Charles to catch the rowing action. Featured on the men’s crew team was none other than the rugby team’s Phil Kerr (OB), who has tried his best to avoid rugby this season by attempting every other athletic challenge known to man. Don’t worry Phil – we’ve still got spring rugby waiting for you.

Many challenges and alcoholic beverages behind them, HBS showed up at the pitch to play the Wolfhounds Saturday afternoon for a 4PM kickoff.

With most of the team still wearing their nail polish from the night before, the opponents were not quite sure how to react, and HBS was able to power in for quick scores on a penalty kick by Jorge O’Hara (OI) and a try by Dan Gertsacov (NJ) (conversion O’Hara) for a 10-0 lead.

However, the team was unable to capitalize further, and lost the lead late in the game before finally falling 20-10. Man of the Match honors at the post-game drinkup went to HBS’ Julian Coulter (OG) for his determined style of play, and the team returned to Cambridge to find yet another challenge in Dan Shapero’s (NE) birthday festivities. It’s a tough job being a rugby player, but somebody’s got to do it.