Rugby Closes Year With Awards Banquet

HBS Rugby celebrated the end of another successful season with their traditional team banquet. This year’s event was graciously sponsored by the Rock Bottom restaurant in Harvard Square, and featured a fine three-course meal along with a fine selection of adult beverages. Players who had completed their first fall season with the team were presented… Continue reading Rugby Closes Year With Awards Banquet

Christopher's – "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

Not since early adolescence had this many hopes and dreams come to fruition in one evening. Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration, but let us try to explain the excitement that we and our significant others shared at our dinner at Christopher’s (1920 Mass Ave, Porter Square 617-876-9180). Upon arrival, our party received immediate… Continue reading Christopher's – "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

The Harbus' Get Started Guide

Setting Up Home supplies Bed, Bath and Beyond401 Park Drive, Boston, 617-536-10907 Mystic View Road, Everett, 617-623-0001 Sears100 Cambridgeside Place, Cambridgeside Galleria, 617-252-9001 Target550 Arsenal Street, Watertown Mall, Watertown, 617-924-6574 Hardware Stores Home Depot615 Arsenal Street, Arlington Mall, Watertown, 617-926-029975 Mystic View Avenue, Everett, 617-623-0001 Dickson Bros. True Value Hardware26 Brattle Street, Harvard Square, 617-876-6760… Continue reading The Harbus' Get Started Guide

But My Tooth Hurts Now!

Dr. Bruce Biller, still in the midst of his first year as director of HBS’ branch of Harvard University Health Services, addressed the SA Senate last week, recapping recent changes, and calling on students to assist him in making additional improvements. In a question and answer session with the senators, Biller acknowledged the students’ frustration… Continue reading But My Tooth Hurts Now!

Journeying Onward, Upward, Inward

Since you left HBS last week, Matt, things have not been the same. We cannot find you studying in Spangler, having lunch in the Grille, hanging around in Harvard Square. And your seat sits empty in Aldrich.Clearly, some of us cannot understand your departure. After all, you seemed happy at HBS, had many friends, a… Continue reading Journeying Onward, Upward, Inward

Looking Back

Uncle Jordy: Zach, being from across the river, you have no classcard, so we’re not really sure whether or not we should believe you are whom you say. You claim to be quite a paddler, so here’s a test. There is a river in your home state commonly called the Yak. How do you spell… Continue reading Looking Back

Eat: From pub grub to international delights

Price Guide$ – entrees $10 or less$$ – entrees $10 – 15$$$ – entrees $15 – 20$$$$ – entrees $20+ Porter Square/Near HLS Christopher’s ($$)1920 Mass. Ave., (617) 876-9180This is the type of pub food the average Cambridge hippie can appreciate – lots of organic ingredients, vegetarian options, and attention to fat content. Rarely greasy,… Continue reading Eat: From pub grub to international delights

Tex-Mex at Austin Grill

If you’re getting a little tired of the wait and food at Borders in Harvard Square, hop the T to Central Square and try some Tex-Mex at Austin Grill. The environment is fun and open, the food is fresh and flavorful, and since the restaurant is quite large, you’ll never find yourself waiting too long… Continue reading Tex-Mex at Austin Grill

Upstairs on the Square

You don’t have to travel very far to experience good quality food near the Business School. Just a short walk to Harvard Square, you will stumble upon a small alley of restaurants called Winthrop Street, home to “Upstairs on the Square”. The main dining room, the Soiree Room, is suggestive of 1940s extravagance, with fireplaces… Continue reading Upstairs on the Square

Escape to New York

“How was I assigned this particular section?” “If a cranberry bounces while TOM students are occupied with Shad exercises, is it really bouncing?” “Why must HBS blondes (especially the fake ones) do everything in packs of five?” Instead of wasting your time on these and other pointless RC-year ruminations, you should be sweating only one… Continue reading Escape to New York

Money with Mia

Those of you who know me know I love chocolate. White, dark, semi-sweet – it makes no difference to me. Chocolate is chocolate, and I don’t care what wrapper it comes in. I’m a sucker for Godiva as well as for Hershey’s. On a recent excursion to Harvard Square with my sister, I stopped by… Continue reading Money with Mia

Interviews: Dressing to Impress

Whether you like it or not, how professional you look will factor into your overall success during recruitment. You certainly don’t want to leave a negative impression based on your appearance and undermine your otherwise stellar interview performance. In this spirit, we’ve compiled some useful rules to help you make good choices. 10) Color For… Continue reading Interviews: Dressing to Impress

The Lagniappe: Some Buried and Not-so-Buried Treasures of Harvard Square

There are parts of Harvard Square that are best left undiscovered. Fire & Ice Grill (meh) and that weird street performer who puts on the creepiest puppet show/political commentary on earth immediately come to mind. But there are a number of places in and around the Square that are worth visiting to satisfy various compartments… Continue reading The Lagniappe: Some Buried and Not-so-Buried Treasures of Harvard Square

HBS Rugby Defeats Rival Wharton

HBS Rugby defeated Wharton 12-3 in a home game on Saturday. HBS Rugby played its most coordinated and solid Rugby of the season against East Coast rival Wharton this weekend at home. A number of fans came out on a crisp fall day to cheer HBS on the pitch overlooking the river. The Wharton-HBS rugby… Continue reading HBS Rugby Defeats Rival Wharton

Cambridge One

Cambridge One, a funky pizza place you probably didn’t even realize existed, is tucked away on Church Street in Harvard Square. The building was once the home of the Cambridge fire department but is now the place to come for delicious and unique flame grilled pizzas. This isn’t your typical cheese and pepperoni – we’re… Continue reading Cambridge One

HBS Hangouts-Tealuxe

TealuxeDetails:0 Brattle Street (at Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square)617-441-0077 After water, tea is the second most-consumed beverage in the world. Aside from its antioxidant health benefits and reduced caffeine levels, a hot cup of tea is just downright comforting during the cold winter. Luckily for us, one of the best tea bars in Boston is… Continue reading HBS Hangouts-Tealuxe