Ask the Local

Here’s the deal – I’m getting sick and tired of hearing people complain that the Crimson Grille is gone. Actually, I don’t think anyone is complaining, but it did spur a thought. I aim to provide the HBS community with a broader range of options in all things, and that includes drinking (also known at networking). Being me, I couldn’t help but include thoughts on food, as well. So, without further ado and in no particular order, here is my list of 13 Bars You Haven’t Been To But Should Not Miss:

The Thirsty Scholar (70 Beacon St, Somerville, just outside Inman Square). This is a quality version of an old pub, with a great selection of beer on tap. They also serve Sunday brunch, in case you end up behind 30 people in line at S&S Deli.

The Burren (247 Elm St., Somerville, in Davis Square). As featured in `Next Stop Wonderland’, The Burren is a great Irish pub (Guinness on tap, of course, but also other favorites like Old Speckled Hen). They also have live music.

The Druid (1357 Cambridge St, Cambridge, in Inman Square). `Small’ and `smoky’ are apt descriptors. However, the service usually has a nice Irish lilt to it, and if you’re not careful you’ll end up talking to the person on the next stool over.

The Harvest (44 Brattle St, Cambridge, Harvard Square). While this is also a good place to get your parents to take you when they come to town, the bar is a much under-appreciated asset.Some food or drink here will make you feel like a real Cambridge insider. It will also rejuvenate your youthful spirit, as you’ll be the youngest person by 15 years.

The B-Side Lounge (92 Hampshire St, Cambridge, between Inman and Kendall Squares). The food here is worth the trip, and the old-fashioned cocktails are an added bonus. Be sure to go early if you want to eat,; as they attract a crowd most nights.

Audubon Circle (838 Beacon St, Boston, outside Kenmore Square). Great long slate bar, good food, friendly staff, lots of seating space – what more do you need? Make sure you don’t spear yourself on the table in the middle, though – you’ll know what I mean when you go. And definitely get the Pot Stickers or the pressed sandwiches.

Cantab Lounge (738 Mass Ave, Cambridge, in scenic Central Square). I hear that not everyone knows of this entertainment gem featuring Little Joe Cook and the Thrillers every Thursday through Saturday. All I have to say is, if this isn’t section bonding ready for the taking, I don’t know what is.

Red Bones (55 Chester St, Somerville, in Davis Square). More widely known for their barbeque – which is outstanding – Red Bones also has a prodigious list of beers on tap. If you have trouble making up your mind, spin the wheel and take your chances.

The Plough and Stars (912 Mass Ave, Cambridge, between Harvard and Central Squares). Great place for a pint of Guinness or Bass, live music in the evenings, and soccer (oops, I mean football) matches piped in on the weekends.

Mantra (52 Temple Place, Boston, in the Ladder District). So hip you’ll think you took a wrong turn and ended up in New York – from the atmosphere and food to the prices.

The Deluxe Caf‚ and Lounge (100 Chandler St, Boston, in the South End). Used to be a dive with a mechanical bowling game – now it’s a staple of the new yuppie South End. The food is alternately great and terrible.

The Sevens Alehouse (77 Charles St, Boston, in Beacon Hill). A Boston tradition – you can almost hear the founding fathers draining their pints. No food, but they’ll let you bring in pizza from next door.

Tapeo (266 Newbury St, Boston). Owned by the same family as Dali in Somerville. Great sangria in the tiled bar, with tapas as the perfect bar food.

That should keep you going for a while. Remember, keep the questions coming to