Soldier's Field Park: Pros and Cons


  • Really close to everything on campus – roll out of bed and be in class two minutes later.
  • You can go home at lunch or between classes and make class, check e-mail, go to the bathroom, get a snack, study Buddhism, find your inner self — it’s that close.
  • You can live like an adult-with a kitchen, your own bathroom and more room than the dorms or a Tokyo apartment.
  • Ideal for families-lots of other children and parents live close by. Some people use their neighbors as baby-sitters.
  • Cute neighbors.
  • Ethernet connections!
  • Cable TV-’nuff said! ($38 standard package)
  • Indoor/outdoor parking available, but it’s pricey-a space in the deck costs $100 a month.
  • Don’t feel like microwaving again? Spangler is right next door (actually, this could be a con!).


  • You pay for all of the pros listed above. SFP is really expensive-roughly $1,500/month for a two-bedroom apartment, although this does include utilities.
  • The 12-month lease means you pay for summers or have to deal with subletting.
  • Single students can get loud on the weekends-not so good for families with children (although perhaps good for other single students).
  • There is very little character to the apartments themselves-no wood floors or mahogany moldings that you might find in an old Cambridge apartment.
  • You have no control over the heat, and it can get very hot!