Buying a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Buying Valentine’s gifts for men is tricky. When giving advice to my female friends on the topic, I usually tell them that whatever they’d like to receive on Valentine’s Day is exactly what they should NOT buy their significant other. Flowers? Not unless they started growing black roses.

Jewelry? Not unless it’s a 50 cent bead bracelet you bought on a beach in Mexico (by the way, I love mine – thanks, Honey). Chocolate? No thanks – we prefer Snickers from the vending machine. Lingerie? He, he…uh, no. Cologne? Getting closer, but why mess up the perfectly good scent of Right Guard? A simple card? No, we’d prefer to not do any unnecessary reading. How about a handmade card? No, now you’re not only wasting my time, but you’re wasting more of yours. A wallet?

No, you can’t really win on this one. If it’s too small, our essentials won’t fit. Too big and we’ll think you’re giving us a hint. A tie? No, but wait about 15 years and it’s a yes. Shirts for work? Ah yes, the work shirt – a common mistake. Unless you’re interested in helping us look good for our attractive coworkers, this is no go. Underwear? Not unless ours is ripped – and even then we can probably get a few more years out of them. Ok, well I guess that does it. I guess there’s really nothing you can give your man for Valentine’s Day. Glad I could help.

Hey, I wouldn’t let you go without giving you something you could use. My advice would be to think of the one thing that your man likes to do more than anything else – whether it’s playing golf, playing music, going to concerts, reading, etc. and get him something related to the topic.

Guys never get sick of something they love. Now, any advice on what to buy a woman?