Case #3:

A wise man once told me that in long-distance relationships, distance is like a wind and love is like a fire. If the fire is small and weak, a strong wind will blow it out, but if the fire is strong, the wind will make it stronger. Many students at HBS left their loved ones… Continue reading Case #3:

The Do's and Don'ts of Black Monday

Much ado has been made this fall about the coming of Black Monday. You know, Black Monday, that day, the first day Monday after Thanksgiving, where all the unmarried, “partnered” students would see their coupledom, like warm cotton candy, dissolve, evolving instead into an orgy of single, available, and on-the-hunt co-ed’s on a chum-induced feeding… Continue reading The Do's and Don'ts of Black Monday

Home for the Holidays

What a shocker to visit family over the Thanskgiving holiday only to discover that we need to leave the HBS bubble a little more often to keep a grip on reality. Here’s a snapshot of likely dinner conversations in light of the recent RC caseload: “No, mom, a discount rate is not a price reduction… Continue reading Home for the Holidays

Black Monday

Some of you may have noticed that I have been missing from the pages of The Harbus for a few issues. I’m sure many of you were very concerned about my whereabouts, but rest assured that I was simply enjoying an EC mid semester sabbatical. That’s right, while you were toiling away, I was in… Continue reading Black Monday

Clock Watching

Following my previous article regarding sex on campus, I have been on the receiving end of numerous questions, the most common being ‘Does it really go on?’ (Answer-Yes) and ‘How do they find the time?’ The aim of this article is to answer the second, with some tips and suggestions and strategies for the lonely… Continue reading Clock Watching

Neurotic November

November is not for the wimpy, reserved and chicken-hearted RC. November at HBS translates into notorious section retreats, increased absenteeism in class, more section loving (or lusting depending on which section you are in), over exposure to McKinsey/Bain/BCG and over ingestion of those spring rolls at Noir Bar. November is a month of change-trees undress,… Continue reading Neurotic November