The Calm Before the Storm . . .

Welcome to life at HBS! I’m sure you are already getting a taste for what life here will be like. In my opinion, you could sum it up in one word: busy.

Most of you are probably thinking that life will calm down once you settle in to Boston, unpack all your boxes and make a few friends. I thought so, too. But, fasten your seatbelts kids because the next two years will be a wild ride!

The life of an HBS partner is jam-packed with social events, balls, playgroups for the moms, the majority of the household responsibilities (somehow the students always seem too busy) – oh yeah, and if you have some time left many of you will be the breadwinner for the next two years!

The HBS whirlwind starts during Foundations with a week of evening events for both students and partners. Sure, you may tire of meeting fifty new people every night, but I highly encourage you attend every event you can. My husband and I met most of our closest friends during that week!

Then, the semester will kick into gear fast. Suddenly, there seem to be almost daily section or study group events! Then come the balls – Harvard, Priscilla, Holidazzle. They are here before you know it (given the costly ticket price, most people choose 2-3 balls to attend each year).

So, here’s my advice over these next couple of weeks: Rest up! And, get ready to have as much fun (maybe more) than the student in your life!