Oh, Baby!

I now know why everyone was looking so sleepy in class last spring-apparently, no one was actually getting any sleep. Early last year, we joked about how the section motto should be “C Section-we deliver!” OK, everybody-groan on cue. But we had no idea how true the saying would become. There are currently something like a thousand Section C babies somewhere between raw materials, WIP, and finished inventory.

And we’re not just talking partners. There are currently three pregnant women IN the section-THREE. This has got to be some kind of HBS record. Add four more babies from spouses and you can see why people now pause-a pregnant one, of course-before drinking the water. Conversations at section events half-jokingly start, “You pregnant, too?” Stylish maternity wear and hormones are hot topics. It is now kosher for everyone-not just J. Liew-to go up to classmates and their wives and rub their tummies.

John and Cari Griggs are due to send their little cowpoke into the world in November. John is reportedly searching the Internet for “Baby’s First Large and Gaudy Belt Buckle.” Martin and Anita Gonzalez are also looking forward to a November baby. They are stocking up on ample amounts of diapers, baby bottles, and Coca-Cola.

Unlike his own birth, Sergio Gutierrez and his wife Carolina will choose to have their second child, due in January, somewhere outside Peabody Terrace, like at a local hospital. Francois and Marie Oliveau are also expecting their second b‚b‚ this spring.

Marleta Ross is sporting a new ring and a new baby due in February. She and Belen Aranda-Alvarado, due on Christmas Eve, regularly bemoan the lack of maternity clothes that don’t look like something…well, that pregnant women would wear. Ahem.

And lastly, our own Rosie O’Donnell is due in March. My guess is she won’t be getting as much medical advice from friends and family as the other ladies. I think I speak for all our sectionmates when I say I am so excited for all of you and hope you call on us for help, support, and advice. Well, probably not the advice.

In another birthing of sorts, OC welcomed NC to HBS a couple of weeks ago with some introductory sky deck awards. Clearly, it will be another interesting crop of personalities. Please see the interests of one Philip Borden for more information.

The section also headed out to Mt. Monadnock last weekend where we got reports of great weather and funny coincidences. A sectionmate reports that one C-er who made no indication of interest in the hike was spotted both on the hill AND in a little diner in Jaffrey with a non-sectionmate HBS fellow. Hmm…

Last but not least, congratulations to Jim Wartinbee and his girlfriend Denise for getting engaged last week! We have to ask-Jim, are you pregnant?