Who knew that the HBS student body was so committed to the celebration of our Founding Fathers? I certainly didn’t. Who knew that if I failed to set a couple up on an Intraview no Intraview would occur? Well, actually, I did know that part, but I was just a little disorganized this weekend: this whole getting a job thing is a real stumper.
However, I thought I might accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative and turn this lapse on my part into a opportunity to reflect on all that has passed before us in the last seven months. I provide you below the highlights from the original “AuntieGoldie Matchmaking Machine Singles Survey” and the results of my mini “Where Are They Now?” survey.

I couldn’t possibly leave my semi-loyal readers out of the survey fun though. To reward my Intraviewers and to make this column more interactive, I am sponsoring an on-line survey so that readers can vote for their favorite Intraview. If more than 100 people respond to the survey, the winning Intraview couple will each receive a gift certificate for a romantic dinner for two (they don’t have to use it together if they don’t want to!). SO: GO ON-LINE AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE INTRAVIEW at!