I am an ESPN fiend. I will watch it throughout the weekend. I will watch it while reading a case during the weekdays. I will watch it while eating dinner with friends at a restaurant, by using a quick look-away technique I’ve perfected where I can have a conversation, eat my food, and watch ESPN… Continue reading ESPN (C)

Therapy for March Madness

The NCAA Tournament kicks off on Thursday. For those in the HBS community unfamiliar with it, the Tournament (known as “March Madness”) is a three-week, 64-team extravaganza of basketball played by college kids. The teams are seeded 1 through 16 within four regions of the country. Over six rounds, the field is whittled to one… Continue reading Therapy for March Madness

News In Brief:

Student Unable to Avoid Holidazzle Hookup Any Longer(Boston) After more than a month of aggressively avoiding the RC student he hooked up with at Holidazzle, EC student Eric Fillion was forced to talk to Cheryl Madsen at Grafton’s last Thursday when she cornered him at the bar. “It was all crowded and I was paying… Continue reading News In Brief:

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ZAGAT's Eye for the Single Guy

Every year the good people at Zagat produce ranking guides on everything from restaurants to PDAs to top golf courses. However, they consistently miss one of life’s most important, yet frustrating, and inefficient activities. In other words ‘pulling’, ‘picking up’, ‘tuning’, ‘spading’, ‘getting some’, ‘getting jiggy’, ‘hooking up’ and other phrases about which mothers warn… Continue reading ZAGAT's Eye for the Single Guy

ND Bests OC, 51-32

On Monday afternoon, the NuDies continued their implacable march towards the HBS Intramural Basketball title with a thrilling 51-32 victory against OC. The win did not come easy. Old Section C came out running and quickly scored the first six points of the game. After a timeout, which included a chair-throwing tirade by El Capitano… Continue reading ND Bests OC, 51-32

HBS Spring Sports Symposium: Sports in the Digital Age

The 1990s redefined sports. Increasing media exposure turned athletes like Jordan, Beckham, and Woods and teams like Manchester United and the Yankees (sorry, Boston fans) into worldwide household names. It can be argued that the sports invasion began with, and was brilliantly executed by, one single entity: ESPN, which today dominates the way sports are… Continue reading HBS Spring Sports Symposium: Sports in the Digital Age

The Olympics: Business and Sports Collide on World's Center Stage

The HBS Business of Sports Club proudly presented its “Business of the Olympics” panel discussion Thursday, March 9. The concept of the panel was generated from a recent event at the Harvard Club: “Harvard in the Olympics,” featuring Harvard University alumni who had competed or participated in the Olympics. Several HBS alumni are past Olympians,… Continue reading The Olympics: Business and Sports Collide on World's Center Stage