HBS Grad Bloomberg Elected NYC Mayor

Michael Bloomberg, HBS ’66, was elected Mayor of New York City Tuesday, overcoming tremendous odds to become the first Republican ever to succeed another Republican as mayor of the nation’s largest city. Bloomberg will have his work cut out for him as he takes the helm of a city that was rocked by the terrorist… Continue reading HBS Grad Bloomberg Elected NYC Mayor

CD Review:

Three DaysArtist: Pat GreenLabel: Republic/Universal Finding music of significance in today’s tired pop environment is terribly difficult. If sucrose overload is setting in from the musical “stylings” of Britney, Justin, and Christina, you’re probably looking for a new sound that delivers a healthy dose of substance without sacrificing the fun stuff too. Such an artist… Continue reading CD Review:

Restaurant Review:

Nestled between historic Hamilton and Morris Halls, beneath the exquisite grounds of the Harvard Business School campus, lies a hidden culinary gem. Eschewing signage of any kind, as if to flaunt its secrecy, the spot has become known to insiders as The Tunnel Vending Machines (TTVM). TTVM has built a reputation on romance, so this… Continue reading Restaurant Review:

Nature Conservancy CEO Mark Tercek Advances Sustainable Capitalism

Few understand the importance of the combination of economic growth and responsible environmental policy—the advancement of sustainable capitalism—better than Mark Tercek (HBS ’84), CEO of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and a former Partner at Goldman Sachs. Through TNC, Tercek strives to impact corporate and national environmental policy by partnering, somewhat controversially, directly with corporations whose… Continue reading Nature Conservancy CEO Mark Tercek Advances Sustainable Capitalism

Working Towards Smaller Footprints

“Green is the new Crimson” Yes, you read that right. This probably wasn’t the first time you’ve read that either. Ever since banners with that motto festooned Al Gore’s headline talk at the 2008 Harvard Sustainability Celebration, the tagline has become a byword for Harvard’s efforts to reduce environmental impacts.  Each year, Harvard University and… Continue reading Working Towards Smaller Footprints

Solar Versus Wind

Is solar power the answer to all of our prayers? Or will wind turbines continue to play an important role in our energy future?  Two HBS students from the Energy and the Environment Club debate this critical issue. Solar is the Future of Renewable Energy Generation by Evan Hindman (OI) With the rise of atmospheric carbon… Continue reading Solar Versus Wind

Prioritizing the Public Stakeholder

“Just as firms innovate in technology and innovate in business model, I think the great firms of the next five to ten years are also going to be innovating around governance regimes and around how they think about the role they play in our society.” – Professor Rebecca Henderson Climate change presents the world with… Continue reading Prioritizing the Public Stakeholder

The Paradox of Resource Nationalism

Few industries evoke stronger feelings of nationalism than commodities. Think Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Think (alleged) Oil Wars in the Middle East. Think Blood Diamonds. From developed countries such as Australia to many a nation in sub-Saharan Africa, commodities form the backbone of economies. For others, such as Japan, for whom nature hasn’t dealt… Continue reading The Paradox of Resource Nationalism

Eclectic Perspectives on an Electric Industry

The Energy and Environment Club will host its eighth annual Energy Symposium, this year entitled “Dialogue for a Brighter Future,” on October 22nd.  The flagship event, entirely student organized replica watches, is the first symposium on the HBS calendar and one of the most attended on campus.  It is also the opportunity for club presidents… Continue reading Eclectic Perspectives on an Electric Industry

Energy Geopolitics — Kind of a Big Deal

Germany recently decided to decommission all of its nuclear facilities.  Solyndra, a solar energy firm, which received a $500 million federal loan, declared bankruptcy amid scandal and multiple investigations.  The EU is in the midst of a debate to impose their tariff system on aviation emissions for non-domestic airlines, the results of which may shape… Continue reading Energy Geopolitics — Kind of a Big Deal

Greening America through Knowledge

Do a quick search on the Internet, and it is obvious that CFLs are a scam instituted by big lightbulb lobbyists to force the everyday taxpayer to spend tens of dollars on new bulbs //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html.  Add to that the fact that hundreds of companies across the U.S. purport drastic energy efficiency savings at low, low… Continue reading Greening America through Knowledge

Your Planet Needs You: Celebrating 41 Years of Earth Day

 In the spirit of Earth Day, let me be the messenger of some pretty shocking environmental news that is surely relevant to each and every one of us….. Climate: Last year, the heat waves across Eastern Europe and Russia were unprecedented – the highest summer temperatures ever recorded in the last 500 years. An anomaly?… Continue reading Your Planet Needs You: Celebrating 41 Years of Earth Day

The Effects of Climate Change

On Febuary 2nd, the Business and Environment Initiative (BEI) hosted Harvard University Prof. Dan Schrag, a highly recognized authority in the climate change space. Prof. Schrag spoke about the effects of human advancement on climate change over the last several decades and through a series of insightful facts, drove home the idea that the planet… Continue reading The Effects of Climate Change

Recycle Almost Everything

But wait, it’s not a melting pot! “Should that go in the trash or recycling?” This is probably a question you ask yourself many times a day. While most of us understand the importance of recycling, it can sometimes get a little confusing in practice. HBS offers SingleStream recycling which means that all recyclables (plastic,… Continue reading Recycle Almost Everything

Green is the new Crimson

Gore then recited a popular African proverb, If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The problem, Gore says, is that “we have to go far, quickly.” Harvard University holds its first ever Sustainability Celebration with a keynote delivered by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al… Continue reading Green is the new Crimson

Eco-Friendly Office Tips

This summer, most of us will be drinking the Kool-Aid once again after one year of drinking out of eco-friendly Nalgenes. For those of us trying to live environmentally friendly existences, staying Green in an office setting can present a real challenge. Offices are notorious for using copious amounts of paper and electricity, and are… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Office Tips


A few weeks ago, we saw the usual flurry of ECs trying very hard to either find RCs to hand over their leadership positions in various HBS Clubs to, or refereeing fights between RCs all going for the same role. Now that the dust has settled, and it is too late for anyone to actually… Continue reading Clubbing

Green is In-If you aren't Green, you aren't in!

From people drinking water from reusable Nalgenes, to people taking the Tap Water Taste Test, to attending an Organic Wine & Cheese party, to wondering why there are so many water bottles displayed on the Spangler lawns – HBS students took green living consciousness to new heights this past few weeks. So you got a… Continue reading Green is In-If you aren't Green, you aren't in!

Green is Good

As Michael Douglas famously said in the film Wall Street, “Green is good.” Building on that point, The Business and Environment Club has organized two weeks of events that explore opportunities (and challenges) related to environmental sustainability that businesses are currently facing and will continue to encounter in the years to come. Below is more… Continue reading Green is Good

Your Search for a Job Can Start in the Laundry

Dear Fellow HBS students, Several things have been happening these past few weeks. Hell Week (Heaven Week for some), Hell Week & then some more Hell Week. But guess what folks, we at the Green Living team discovered that there are lots of great Green jobs on the Job Bank. And here is a step-by-step… Continue reading Your Search for a Job Can Start in the Laundry

Green Is Good

Gordon Gecko is the world’s most famous LBO investor and star of the movie Wall Street. Green-for lack of a better word-is good. Green is right. Green works. Green clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Green, in all of its forms, has marked the upward surge of mankind. And green-you… Continue reading Green Is Good

Green Living: Hamilton is Green

On the far corner of campus overlooking the Charles River sits Hamilton Hall-one of the most talked about residences among both returning and new students this year. This is no surprise since it is newly renovated and offers dorm rooms that are far more spacious than other residence hall offerings. One returning EC described it… Continue reading Green Living: Hamilton is Green

Skating at Frog Pond: Making the Most of a Dreary New England Winter

For plenty of those at HBS, adapting to life during the winter months here in Boston is a unique and often challenging experience. As the temperatures drop, more and more time is spent indoors, and venturing out into the harshness of winter becomes an unappealing proposition. However, the winter months also provide an opportunity to… Continue reading Skating at Frog Pond: Making the Most of a Dreary New England Winter