Advice for the RC's

We found many ECs eager to distill their learnings from the RC year and to offer their advice to the Class of 2006. We remembered to cater to the smorgasbord of interests that is HBS and as such, we have compiled this advice in bullet points, prose and poems. So choose your poison! According to… Continue reading Advice for the RC's

Valentine Songs for the Relationship Impaired

Valentine’s Day. I don’t think there’s a day throughout the year that evokes a more mixed range of emotions. Some people love the opportunity to be with ‘The One’, while others feel it just generates feelings of inadequacy and despair. Guys, on the other hand, see it for what it is: just another Hallmark attempt… Continue reading Valentine Songs for the Relationship Impaired

India Unbound: A Perspective

After the extensive coverage of South-East Asia in the previous edition of The Harbus, I figured I’d push my luck with yet another article on India. Not quite a conference coverage article, not exactly reminiscences about a trek, but probably somewhere in between. (With due apologies to Gurcharan Das, author of “India Unbound”, a book… Continue reading India Unbound: A Perspective