HBS A 8 – 1 HLS

The 100 or so fans who turned up to watch HBS play HLS at the Ohiri stadium in the latest round of the Boston Graduate league were treated to a demonstration of soccer, as the home team struck eight unanswered goals against their Law School rivals. HBS started well, and grazed the bar with shots… Continue reading HBS A 8 – 1 HLS

Alcohol Fuels HBS Victory

HBS opened their winning account with a comprehensive victory over MIT in the Boston Graduate League. Both teams took time to adjust to the uneven field. HBS, whose game is built on neat passing, found it difficult to control the ball and with half the team running on alcohol vapor from the previous night’s party… Continue reading Alcohol Fuels HBS Victory

The Case Method: Hype or Lasting Value?

The Case Method has long been a unique selling point for Harvard Business School. Where did this method come from? How do other Harvard Graduate Schools use the Case Method and how to students perceive its benefits? This article attempts to answer some of these questions. The challenge of trying to educate a group of… Continue reading The Case Method: Hype or Lasting Value?

The Name Game

This week I’ve decided to look at sex in the gender, rather than procreational sense. The main reason for this, other than being anxious not to appear too one-sided a columnist, is that I had several experiences during Hell Week that have exemplified all of the delights and downsides of having a gender-inspecific name. Anyone… Continue reading The Name Game