HBS Celebrates Diwali in Style

Over 300 HBS students, partners, and friends attended the South Asian Business Association’s annual Diwali celebration in the Williams room last Friday, October 25. For many South Asians, this event marked an opportunity introduce the HBS community to the vibrant and colorful festival that commemorates the Hindu New Year. For many non-South Asians, Diwali meant… Continue reading HBS Celebrates Diwali in Style

Introducing "Ekta": SABA Cultural Show Aims to Highlight the Diversity of South Asia

On Friday, November 16th over 700 HBS community members will gather in Burden Auditorium for “Ekta”, a vibrant celebration of South Asian culture sponsored by the South Asian Business Association (SABA). Similar to last year, the evening will begin with a pre-show reception in the Williams Room, giving performers a chance to mingle with sectionmates… Continue reading Introducing "Ekta": SABA Cultural Show Aims to Highlight the Diversity of South Asia

Got a Date?

The sun finally set in the skies. It was 6:24 p.m. EC Toufik Khadir stood in front of more than 100 HBS colleagues gathered in 1 Western Common Room, turned his head toward Mecca and gave the azan – the Muslim call to prayer. Everyone gathered close as Islamic Society co-President, Mansoor Panawala, passed around… Continue reading Got a Date?

The A-Z of Retreat Survival

You may have already been on your first ever HBS ‘retreat’, or you may have that joy still in store. You may not know what the hell I’m talking about, but over the next year or two you will be offered many, many opportunities to go away for an officially-sanctioned weekend: far from cases; Spangler;… Continue reading The A-Z of Retreat Survival


Last week, we published the article, “The India School Fund Needs You.” The author of the article wishes to correct an error in the following statement:“Thanks to Francesco Cefalu and Ankit Singhvi’s support, eight students gave a total of $650 immediately after their return on campus, and SABA gave an additional $5,000 for purchasing school… Continue reading ERRATUM

SABA Diwali Show-Lights, Bhangra, Action

One hundred backless/halter neck sari blouses, skin-tight churidar kameezes, peacock dancing caps, limb snapping dance moves, unabashed choreography, MIB wannabes, plenitude of Tanishq jewelry and heavy-duty Samosas in Burden Hall on a Saturday evening? The occasion-the awaited and uproarious Annual SABA Diwali show of course! With India lodging a population of 1.1 billion people, 200… Continue reading SABA Diwali Show-Lights, Bhangra, Action