RC Final Exam IT Glitches Explained

During last semester’s RC LEAD final, approximately 300 students experienced difficulty uploading completed exams to the HBS intranet. HBS IT and the MBA program reacted quickly to the situation, and the deadline for uploading the LEAD exam was extended. Cammie Wynn, Technology Advisor, IT Client Services, explained the root cause of the problem, “Some of… Continue reading RC Final Exam IT Glitches Explained

HBS' New Look On the Web

If you are like me, you probably experienced some system shock when you returned to campus this Fall. Indeed, the abrupt transition from cool jobs, free evenings (sorry bankers) and exotic vacations, to omnipresent construction, long lines at Spangler and vanishing commuter parking, to name a few, was quite disturbing. But while many of you… Continue reading HBS' New Look On the Web

Asia Business Conference 2003

For two days over this past Valentine’s Day weekend, students and speakers from around the globe attended the 2003 Asia Business Conference, which featured a stellar roster of speakers, a cocktail party at the Fogg Art Museum, a career fair, and culminated in a Valentine’s Day Dinner, Ball and Casino Night at the Charles Hotel.… Continue reading Asia Business Conference 2003

Srivatsa Krishna (OI) Selected as a Global Leader of Tomorrow

Each year, the World Economic Forum selects 100 leaders from both the corporate and public space based on an impartial, global selection process to be recognized as Global Leaders of Tomorrow. The Global Leaders of Tomorrow (GLT) recipients hold positions of considerable influence and responsibility, and have demonstrated their capacity to shape future agendas in… Continue reading Srivatsa Krishna (OI) Selected as a Global Leader of Tomorrow

Building Better IT Partnerships

If information technology (IT) is the future of business, why is it such a pain to manage productively? The reasons lie in the way it has evolved; the solution lies in a move toward partner relationships among technology suppliers. Imagine a world where you could fill your gas tank with only one brand of gasoline… Continue reading Building Better IT Partnerships

Cyberposium: The Russians Are Coming

“True opportunities are not always obvious” was the main message from the well-known venture capitalist Esther Dyson, who spoke at the HBS’s technology conference Cyberposium 2002 on February 8th. The audience included a thousand plus business leaders and students from top business schools, who gathered from all over the world to listen and discuss the… Continue reading Cyberposium: The Russians Are Coming

Technology as the Invisible Hand in India

It all started during Hell Week, when I was supposed to find a summer job, but wasn’t able to find something that really excited me. I looked into what the Social Enterprise Program offered and thought it would be an interesting and different path to pursue than my classmates. The program turned out to be… Continue reading Technology as the Invisible Hand in India

Students Pack Aldrich Classroom to Meet the Technology Legend of China

Ever since the Nasdaq started its free fall last year, it has become difficult for a high-tech speaker to draw a full room in any Aldrich classroom. However, over 100 eager attendees, many of them from other Harvard Schools, MIT and even Boston area businesses, packed Aldrich 211 on Wednesday, April 11, to attend the… Continue reading Students Pack Aldrich Classroom to Meet the Technology Legend of China

"How To" Guide:

With the school year winding down and RC’s grabbing internships and EC’s getting set to re-enter the working world, I thought I would use this column to offer advice in the event that you find yourself tired of working and would prefer to spend more time on the couch. 10) Before taking off for your… Continue reading "How To" Guide:

Dell Case Competition at Harvard

The Dell Case Competition took place on Dec 8 and Dec 9, 2000. The competition was sponsored by Dell, which would like to get some business ideas from MBA students. I believed that the competition started at University of Michigan and now has extended to other business schools (Chicago, Duke, Kellog, Michigan, UNC, and Wharton).… Continue reading Dell Case Competition at Harvard

The Outsourcing Dilemma:

During this year’s presidential campaign season, America was inundated with the opinions about “outsourcing,” the global trend that is sweeping through businesses and enraging many US workers. In the midst of this polarizing outsourcing debate sits a unique Cambodian firm, with strong Harvard connections, showing the world an alternative to traditional ways of doing business.… Continue reading The Outsourcing Dilemma:

On-Campus Interview Series: IT Special

This week we introduce a new innovation to the Harbus: the Interview Series ‘special.’ Some of you might mistakenly think that it is exactly like the normal Interview Series articles we write. But you’d be wrong. This has some critical differences – it’s special and longer… The unsung heroes in MBA IT support are featured… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: IT Special

HBS Mysteries

Where did the turkey(s) go? Where did the turkey(s) come from? I’m sure someone knows… but they remain an HBS mystery. Was there only one turkey or two? Perhaps the turkey(s) knew the answers to some other mysteries.” You’ve been here a while, you know how it works, you know the score, what you are… Continue reading HBS Mysteries

Retired Harvard Business School Professor James L. McKenney, Authority on Management Information Systems, Dead at 77

BOSTON, March 30, 2007 – Harvard Business School Professor Emeritus James L. McKenney, an expert in management information systems and the use of computer systems for teaching management, died on Wednesday, March 28, at the Belmont Manor Nursing Home in Belmont, Mass., after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 77 years old. In… Continue reading Retired Harvard Business School Professor James L. McKenney, Authority on Management Information Systems, Dead at 77

Alumni Perspective

In this Alumni Perspective, Paul Shafer, class of 1979, shares his career experience with readers and confers several revelations based on 30 years of IT practice in corporate America. We will start with a brief introductory Q&A followed by key lessons Paul learned. Harbus replica breitling: Before we dive into things, would you introduce yourself,… Continue reading Alumni Perspective

Poll – EC Hell Week

QUESTIONS1) How many companies did you interview with last week?4 = Mean0 = Minimum13 = Maximum 2) What is your DING hit rate, i.e. if you interviewed with 10 companies and were dinged by 3, your Ding hit rate is 30%. Please estimate your hit rate if you are still awaiting final round invites or… Continue reading Poll – EC Hell Week