Memoirs from the Year 2013

I am currently the general manager of the hybrid/electric car division at General Motors. I enjoyed my time at Procter & Gamble pushing toothpaste around the world. I then took that marketing experience to GM, and eventually moved from marketing to general management. I have a political agenda: I think if the US depended less… Continue reading Memoirs from the Year 2013

Welcome from the Humor Editor

Humor isn’t easy. I have just reached this conclusion as I blankly stare at the unforgiving blinking of my HP computer cursor. How can I best introduce the new Harbus Humor section? That damn cursor mocks me. Dude, I should have asked for a Dell. It wouldn’t have changed the cursor taunting much, but at… Continue reading Welcome from the Humor Editor

The Case Study Interview

Interviewing with management consulting firms has become one of the standard practices for HBS students. Most people seem to do it at least one-either because they actually want to work for a consulting company, or because they feel they should at least interview with one. While management consulting firms were the first companies to hold… Continue reading The Case Study Interview

An Internship in Venture Philanthropy

During my first year I got involved with the Volunteer Consulting Organization – something I highly recommend to anyone interested in nonprofit, consulting, or just a good team-based experience (shameless plug #1). The satisfaction I derived from that experience was different than in for-profit consulting. Nonprofits are almost always resource-constrained – therefore, the areas that… Continue reading An Internship in Venture Philanthropy

Volunteer Consulting Organization Gears Up

Have you been looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the greater Boston community? What if that way involved an activity such as developing a growth strategy for a local music organization, formulating a marketing plan for an educational nonprofit, or strategically evaluating the opportunities for building a training institute for teachers who mentor… Continue reading Volunteer Consulting Organization Gears Up

Employees Wanted? Careers in Advertising Account Planning

A standing room only crowd filled Aldrich 7 last Tuesday to hear fran kelly (HBS ’83), President and COO of arnold worldwide, and two of his colleagues present their views on the topic of modern branding. And no, the lack of capitalization is not sloppy editing on the part of The Harbus, it is straight… Continue reading Employees Wanted? Careers in Advertising Account Planning

Case Rip Cord:

“Globalization of Markets”: In his seminal 1983 Harvard Business Review article, retired HBS Marketing Professor Theodore Levitt argues that consumers in markets worldwide crave premium products that mulitnational corporations produce in their home countries. When these mulitnationals expand globally, Levitt says they should avoid the push by marketing departments to customize their products for the… Continue reading Case Rip Cord:

Career Questions: Q&MBA

Q: What courses beyond the core curriculum add value to an MBA career? A: Is everything in life a battle between breadth and depth, or does it just feel that way? Most MBA students expect to emerge from B-school well-versed in their field of concentration, but academic deans and recent business school graduates alike agree… Continue reading Career Questions: Q&MBA

HBS Recruiting Spring 2003:

Put simply, the 2003 job market is not for the faint of heart. In recent months, HBS students have joined the masses across the country searching for employment, with many finding success through on-campus recruiting, and many others depending on their personal network search to land the perfect job. While today’s market is arguably even… Continue reading HBS Recruiting Spring 2003:

Does Anyone

I wrote on my HBS application that I was looking forward to a life-altering experience. Corny stuff, I know, but yours said something similar, or had a similar theme, I’m sure. How do I know? Because I’m beginning to see that sentence less as a pandering plea to admit me and more as a self-assessment… Continue reading Does Anyone

A Minute With: Gina Sanders

Gina Sanders is the founding Publisher of Teen Vogue magazine, launched in February 2003. In the same month of launching this new magazine, Ms. Sanders celebrated her fifteenth year with Conde Nast Publications, where she has also held the Publisher’s posts at mainstays Gourmet and Details magazines. Ms. Sanders’ career on the sell-side of publishing… Continue reading A Minute With: Gina Sanders

HBS wins two marketing case competitions in one week!

On Sunday, January 26, Lyn Baranowski (OG), Edrienne Brandon (OB), and Wesley Brandon (OF) won first place at the 3rd Annual MBA Marketing Case Competition held at Rice University in Houston, TX. The competition (which started on Friday the 24th) featured a HBS Marketing case on Centra Software, and the competition was sponsored by Pennzoil,… Continue reading HBS wins two marketing case competitions in one week!

Blazing a Trail

People of African descent have a long history in America, arriving on her shores even before the Mayflower. Though over the next 250 years most African Americans were enslaved, a sizeable number were free and were able to achieve the American dream of entrepreneurial success. In 1841, William Liedsdoroff, a Virgin Islands native and San… Continue reading Blazing a Trail

HBS Women Make Art Their Business

Natasha Pearl (MBA ’89) took a typical post-HBS path, serving stints in American Express, Booz-Allen and Mercer Consulting, primarily focused on financial services marketing. However, when she took a sabbatical to work through a systematic career transition program, a very different idea emerged. Her career counselor, Mary Burton (an HBS MBA graduate), had her list… Continue reading HBS Women Make Art Their Business

What is the Value of Information?

(Part 1): Assigning Value With the dawn of the World Wide Web, and it’s subsequent information overload, came the misconception that all that information bombarding us was accurate, useful–and free. In this three part series, What is the Value of Information? Liz Bibby, Director of Business Information Services, examines this assumption. In part one of… Continue reading What is the Value of Information?

Natural Born Leaders

I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of group projects. I think it started back in grade school when I regularly got assigned to groups of four to tackle history projects. My report on the explorer Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth has clearly tainted my educational progress for good. But… Continue reading Natural Born Leaders

Options Have Value

Before I came to business school, my boyfriend (a former investment banker) advised, “If you only go to school knowing one finance concept it’s this: options have value.” To his credit, I have used that phrase almost weekly in various contexts (some even appropriate!) ever since. But I’m starting to wonder. With Hell Week just… Continue reading Options Have Value

A Cappella Group Heard On The Street to release new CD "Disruptive Harmonies"

At Harvard Business School, the tradition of men’s a cappella singing dates back to 1947 and the founding of “The Tycoons.” This group of “monetary musicians” brought good cheer to the campus for over 25 years before succumbing to the pressures of the radical 60’s, the corrupt 70’s, and the conspicuous early 80’s. At the… Continue reading A Cappella Group Heard On The Street to release new CD "Disruptive Harmonies"

Top 10 Reasons Why Section E Doesn't Have Internships

1) Enron wasn’t hiring. 2) The sugar industry in India has gained efficiencies in the past 7 months since senior management left. 3) Coca-Cola cut back its marketing spend thanks to Scott’s grass roots marketing last semester. 4) Highland Capital unexpectedly closed its operations after a lecture from Elena about the evils of capitalism. 5)… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Why Section E Doesn't Have Internships

Attendee's Perspective: Retail, Marketing, and "Power Couples" Panels

My first panel was on retail, moderated by Professor Janice Hammond. Panelists included Jane Biering of Staples, Barbara Fitzgerald of PETsMART, Judith Hofer of the May Merchandising Company, and Dorothy Roberts of the Echo Design Group. All of the women held influential positions within their companies and spoke to the changes that retailers face in… Continue reading Attendee's Perspective: Retail, Marketing, and "Power Couples" Panels

Blazing a Trail

This article is the first of four pieces detailing the history of African Americans at HBS for Black History Month, and is co-sponsored by the African American Student Union (AASU) and the Baker Library Historical Collections. People of African descent have a long history in America, arriving on her shores even before the Mayflower. Though… Continue reading Blazing a Trail

Elizabethan Prose

I wanted to know what members of the Class of 2003 were thinking. What were their hopes, their dreams, their fears, their anxieties, their uncertainties, and their humorous anecdotes as they started this new chapter in their lives? I had a twofold problem though. For one, I didn’t know any members of the Class of… Continue reading Elizabethan Prose

Class of 2003 Prepares to Invade

HBS received a record 8,893 applications for the roughly 900 slots in the class &-almost 10% higher than last year’s level. While the slowing economy likely played a signifigant role in sparking the increased interest, Britt Dewey, who took over as managing director of admissions and financial aid in June, also noted that the admissions… Continue reading Class of 2003 Prepares to Invade

How to Write The HBS Show

1) FORM TEAM: Gather diverse community perspectives by assembling: a giant, goofy genius; a politically-charged New York satirist; a red-headed drama freak; an overly-sensitive meathead; and two extraordinarily good-looking and popular ski bums. 2) WRITE TREATMENT: Spend dozens of useless but amusing hours in SFP 1-413. Eat all of Dan Allen’s cookie dough and wash… Continue reading How to Write The HBS Show

Recruiter Newsflash

ManufacturersDaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) is preparing a management shakeup as part of a sweeping restructuring, The Financial Times reported on its Web site Tuesday. Chairman Jurgen Schrempp is to take control of a new “executive automotive committee” overseeing the group’s Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler divisions, as well as its commercial vehicle activities and the alliance with Japan’s… Continue reading Recruiter Newsflash