From the Frog Pond

The Frogs were in full force this weekend! Despite the fact that F-ers were sandwiched between two RIDICULOUSLY loud and shameless Britney-singing sections during the Holidazzle dinner, Section F enjoyed some hilarious skits (for those of us who could hear them) organized by executive-producer-in-the-making, Frog Pond Historian Wesley Brandon. Contrary to the “Intelligence” gained by… Continue reading From the Frog Pond

From the Frog Pond

Frrrrogs! I am pleased to report that most of us are pulling through this tough period-that is, the period of switching back to five-day weeks! Who knew it would be so hard!? We have now had both our men’s and ladies’ events. While I am slightly foggy on the details of the men’s event, I… Continue reading From the Frog Pond

The Frog Pond

This will just be a quick one, but I wanted to mention that this was an important week for us in section F! On Sunday, October 21, 2001, Aldrich 208 yet again became The Frog Pond. Thanks to a decorating party spearheaded by Marti Speranza, and to support from OF, the Frog Pond is complete… Continue reading The Frog Pond

Skating at Frog Pond: Making the Most of a Dreary New England Winter

For plenty of those at HBS, adapting to life during the winter months here in Boston is a unique and often challenging experience. As the temperatures drop, more and more time is spent indoors, and venturing out into the harshness of winter becomes an unappealing proposition. However, the winter months also provide an opportunity to… Continue reading Skating at Frog Pond: Making the Most of a Dreary New England Winter