HBS Art Appreciation Society

Although Boston’s Newbury Street galleries have traditionally catered to a more conservative clientele who prefer the representational to the conceptual, there is change in the air. Under the new direction of Abigail Ross, the Judi Rotenberg Gallery, a 30-year old veteran of the street, is undergoing a transformation of sorts.

Rotenberg opened the eponymous gallery in the seventies to show her own work and the work of other local and Cape Ann artists. She sought out contributors with strong personal visions, senses of color and composition. Under the current director the Gallery’s mission remains the same but has been modernized to reflect new movements in the art world as well as the evolving taste of art enthusiasts and connoisseurs.
The Gallery currently shows contemporary works including American Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism and sculpture, and plans to show emerging artists and photography in a new upstairs space, known as the Annex. Ross is committed to bringing in new artists and creating a forum for dialogue and debate-a modern day salon.

“The Annex will encourage dialogues about art. From displaying the work of emerging artist’s to hosting critiques and informal meetings, the Annex is a collaborative space envisioned to generate real excitement about work that is happening now. We’d like to take some risks. It’s about opening the doors.”

The gallery christened its new direction last September with a show of the work of by Manhattan artist Ralph Wolf. Wolf’s layered, abstract oils on canvas have been described as evoking an “elusive eroticism.” More recently, the gallery hosted shows for David Kupferman and Jos‚ Gon‡alves while launching a “Conversations on Art” series to correspond with each exhibition.

Here at the Harvard Business School we pride ourselves on being passionate about the dialectic and open to new ideas. The Judi Rotenberg Gallery seems to be a natural extension of our culture and an opportunity for learning.

On Thursday February 21 the HBS Art Appreciation Society will host a cocktail reception and conversation with the new director of the Judi Rotenberg Gallery from 7:00-9:00 in the evening. Please look out for information on purchasing tickets.