Helpful Harvard Hints

Ever since I came to HBS, I’ve picked up a few helpful hints. After all, it’s the little things that make me happy. I’m sure most students already know about most that I will mention, especially the EC’s. However, some may not know, and for those people, I offer you my learnings…

1) Jake’s FRC Review Sessions: Professor Jake Cohen offers FRC review sessions almost everyday. He’s one of the very few people who can explain accounting and financial jargon in layman’s terms, or as I like to say, “on my level”. Like a breath of fresh air.

2) Art in Aldrich: A great way to spend your 20 minutes between classes, especially if you don’t need to go to the bathroom, is to look at the art in the hallways of Aldrich. There are many powerful and quite incredible pieces.

3) 93.7 FM: I can’t get enough of this radio station in the morning. Plays happy, energetic music, and Richard Hatch from Survivor is a DJ. Probably didn’t sell to of you there…sorry.

4) DiningIn: For those lazy days and nights when you don’t want Spangler, if you call 617-278-2121, you can get almost any Cambridge and Allston restaurant meal delivered to your dorm or apartment. Of course, there is a slight premium and it takes an hour, but my mom always told me that laziness is expensive.

5) Driving Range in Shad: Complete with clubs and balls. Good way to practice your swing when it’s cold, and it’s great for the ego, because the net is so close to you that even if you slice the ball or hit under the ball, you can pretend that you hit a long, straight shot. I’ve hit many of those long, straight shots. And it’s student-priced-it’s free.
Unfortunately, that’s all I can think of right now (but I’ve got circuit boards on my mind right now), but I encourage other students to let me know any “Helpful Harvard Hints” (HHH) that you’ve picked up.