There's No Business Like Show Business

You could say that Michael Wolf knows a little something about Hollywood. For over a decade, Wolf has been the trusted adviser to some of the largest and best-known entertainment companies around the world. Prior to joining McKinsey & Company as the head of their entertainment & media practice, Wolf built the entertainment, media &… Continue reading There's No Business Like Show Business

K-School Panel Discusses Future of Black Music Local Entertainment Panel Analysis

The Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Forum hummed with activity on Friday afternoon [February 28], as enthusiastic members of the Harvard community dodged television cameras, a coterie of technicians and the space’s usual foot traffic in search of seats for Whose Music Is It Anyway?, a panel on the future of African-American music and the… Continue reading K-School Panel Discusses Future of Black Music Local Entertainment Panel Analysis

Out in Business

One of the frequently asked questions of the HBS Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Student Association (GLBSA) is, “What roles do gays and lesbians play in the business world?” Gays and lesbians are an important component of the workforce and consumer base. Gay-friendly environments help release the potential of all employees, creating a fair environment for… Continue reading Out in Business

President of HBO Henry McGee (HBS ’79) Puts the Business in Show Business

Henry McGee (HBS ’79) has been President of HBO Home Entertainment, the DVD and digital program distribution division of Home Box Office, Inc., since 1995. McGee recently spoke with The Harbus about his time at HBS, his career at HBO, the future media landscape and whether or not Tony Soprano survived the final episode of… Continue reading President of HBO Henry McGee (HBS ’79) Puts the Business in Show Business

Tyra Banks: Fun, Fierce, and Financially Savvy

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  A romantic dinner with your true love? At a Tommy Doyle’s stoplight party, hoping to find true love?  For a select group of HBS students and faculty, V-Day was spent with one of America’s ultimate true loves: supermodel and media mogul Tyra Banks.  In a casual 90-minute conversation with… Continue reading Tyra Banks: Fun, Fierce, and Financially Savvy

Life on The Black List

The King’s Speech.  Slumdog Millionaire. There Will Be Blood.  Juno.  It is hard to imagine that these films may never have been produced—that they could have been lost at the bottom of the deluge of screenplays that are written by Hollywood writers every year  In fact, that could have very well been the case,… Continue reading Life on The Black List

Hollywood Apprenticeship

The 8th Annual Harvard Business School Hollywood Trek took place in Los Angeles, from January 9th to 11th, 2008, sponsored by the Harvard Business School’s Entertainment & Media Club. During the career trek, Harvard Business School students gained exposure to major functions of the entertainment and media industry breitling superocean replica, visiting some of the… Continue reading Hollywood Apprenticeship

Doing Business in Hollywood

The Hollywood Trek provided participants with an insider’s view of Hollywood, a place that offers challenges and barriers to MBAs. Hollywood has always been an enigmatic world for businesspeople. Bored with the utilitarian halls of investment banks, they aspire to conquer the exciting and mythical entertainment capital of the world. Hollywood is a place of… Continue reading Doing Business in Hollywood