Piercing the Past with Mildred

Mildred Pierce (1945)Director: Michael CurtizStudio: Warner Brothers Starring: Joan Crawford, Eve Arden, Zachary ScottRating: PG It’s not always a good to focus on the now. Sometimes its better to have a moment of reflection, relax in the comfort of your warm bed and watch an old movie. If you are in a position to enjoy… Continue reading Piercing the Past with Mildred

Thanks for the Memories…

Film Review: MementoStarring: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe PantolianoWritten and Directed by: Christopher NolanRated: RRunning Time: 113 minutes**** (out of four) Every once in a while, a film will come along that it so refreshingly original, so truly captivating, that it restores faith in the motion picture industry. Films like Pulp Fiction, The Usual… Continue reading Thanks for the Memories…

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Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future

What is Bluetooth, and what makes it so revolutionary?Bluetooth is a surprisingly simple method of electronic communication that will make cables obsolete. Instead of plugging machines into each other-a TV to a DVD player, a laptop to a printer-Bluetooth allows the exchange of information via radio waves transmitted by chips implanted in each device. It… Continue reading Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future

A&E This Week

Focus on…….DVD’s In light of the cold and the snow, this week’s edition of Focus On takes a look at recently released or upcoming releases of DVD’s. Grab a rental, pop some popcorn, and snuggle in with your favorite undergrad for a nice, cozy night. Radio (Release Date: Jan 27th) Rating: 1/2Outside of Disney’s animated… Continue reading A&E This Week

Editor's Welcome: The International Perspective

As you’ll quickly come to realize over the coming weeks, I get confused easily. Shoe laces, Muller corners, pedestrian crossings, stop signs – though I appear to be joined on this one by most of Boston’s drivers – have all left me questioning my sanity. And since being given this job I’ve been thoroughly perplexed… Continue reading Editor's Welcome: The International Perspective

Media Habits at HBS – Movies You Might Have Missed

The lead-up to the Oscars is prime season for catching up with movies. While the slate of Oscar nominated films isn’t a bad place to start, the Academy inevitably leaves something to be desired in the pictures it decides to honor. Especially in a year in which the nominations are dominated by conservative, occasionally mind-numbing… Continue reading Media Habits at HBS – Movies You Might Have Missed

Green Living – Power at Home

Changing our behaviors in the purchase and use of consumer electronics can reduce environmental impact. Ever wondered how much power all your various electronic appliances and gadgets consumed and how much of that you can actually control? The good news is that by making the right choices when purchasing products and in adopting the right… Continue reading Green Living – Power at Home