A Minute With: Gina Sanders

Gina Sanders is the founding Publisher of Teen Vogue magazine, launched in February 2003. In the same month of launching this new magazine, Ms. Sanders celebrated her fifteenth year with Conde Nast Publications, where she has also held the Publisher’s posts at mainstays Gourmet and Details magazines. Ms. Sanders’ career on the sell-side of publishing… Continue reading A Minute With: Gina Sanders

A Minute With: a New A&E Series

Welcome to the first installment of “A Minute With:” a series of informal profile interviews with business leaders in media and entertainment. In a time when media is undergoing unprecedented change, these executives, entrepreneurs, investors and creators have been kind enough to share their industry experiences and outlooks with The Harbus. The perspectives we look… Continue reading A Minute With: a New A&E Series

A&E Welcome

Welcome back to (THE) Harvard etc. etc. and (THE) Harbus Arts & Entertainment section: your guide to cultural milestones, minutia and loosely collected opinions on stuff to see and do. I look forward to another semester as A&E editor and the chance to cover the goings-on in music, film, art, books, dining and drinking in… Continue reading A&E Welcome