Postgame Intraview Interview

Me n? Him AuntieGoldie: Which is more embarrassing, getting lost with a lovely lady in the car or getting into an accident with a lovely lady in the car? Oh wait, you did both. Any comments? Cho: Yeah, I would say that they were both pretty embarrassing, but she was pretty forgiving, so that was… Continue reading Postgame Intraview Interview

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Case Rip Cord:

“Globalization of Markets”: In his seminal 1983 Harvard Business Review article, retired HBS Marketing Professor Theodore Levitt argues that consumers in markets worldwide crave premium products that mulitnational corporations produce in their home countries. When these mulitnationals expand globally, Levitt says they should avoid the push by marketing departments to customize their products for the… Continue reading Case Rip Cord:

Looking Back

Uncle Jordy: Zach, being from across the river, you have no classcard, so we’re not really sure whether or not we should believe you are whom you say. You claim to be quite a paddler, so here’s a test. There is a river in your home state commonly called the Yak. How do you spell… Continue reading Looking Back

Roll The Credits

Uncle Jordy: Jake, where did you pick up your nickname? If you had to give Colleen a nickname, what would it be? What’s do you think her middle initial A stands for? Jake Bisenius: My middle name is Jacob. How about Sporty Spice? Allison? Antoinette. UJ: Colleen, you are from Chicago. How can you talk… Continue reading Roll The Credits

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Post Race Pit Stop

Uncle Jordy: Robin, you grew up in West Virginia. Drag racing and NASCAR were all over there, weren’t they? What kind of car did you drive in to your senior prom? Robin King: Sure, West Virginians love car races. I personally don’t even know what drag racing is. As for my prom, my date bragged… Continue reading Post Race Pit Stop

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Post Game Chat Session

Uncle Jordy: Hugh wrote something in Viewpoint last week about the Shad Caf‚ becoming “jilted like that bitchy girlfriend or wet boyfriend you ended up hating.” Carolyn, what in THE hell is a “wet” boyfriend? Carolyn Bockius: As I was reading Hugh’s article, I too wondered what exactly a “wet” boyfriend was, so I’m afraid… Continue reading Post Game Chat Session

Intraview Post Game Interviews

Uncle Jordy: Cecily, Alex is half-German, and “Adler” is Deutsch for “Eagle.” Does this name fit this graceful first-time skater? Cecily Kovatch: The name fits for sure. Alex is very graceful, except when he flew into my arms as he fell, but that goes with the Eagle theme as well. I think they were playing… Continue reading Intraview Post Game Interviews

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Post Game Interviews

Thought it’d be interesting to ask our two Intraviewers some questions after their southern journey. These interviews were conducted separately, but I’ve intermingled the responses for fun. Uncle Jordy: Dobbs, did you really get lost, or were you just trying to pull that “ran out of gas” trick? It’s a little cold for that, no?… Continue reading Post Game Interviews

Happy Rants

This was more difficult than I thought, being of a somewhat cynical disposition, but after some effort and a few helpful suggestions by friends I have come up with a list of things that a) make me happy and b) are printable in a family-friendly publication. New lunch line dividers in SpanglerJust like wheels on… Continue reading Happy Rants