Dinner for four at Christopher's

Not since early adolescence had this many hopes and dreams come to fruition in one evening. Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration, but let us try to explain the excitement that we shared on our journey to Christopher’s. Upon arrival, our party received immediate attention, despite running over a half hour late for our reservation. We skipped a long line, without even dropping the much-heralded but unproven “H-bomb”. We were then whisked to the best seat in the house next to the fireplace just like Henry Hill in Goodfellas. And, the best part was that we had the bill picked up for us, even though mom and dad were nowhere in sight. Ah…the life of a food critic. Not a bad gig at all.
But we digress…

Christopher’s has been in operation since 1981, which says a lot by itself. Their mission is to “bring you the most natural, wholesome, and healthful foods they can find.” That’s straight from the menu, but don’t be fooled – “Burgahs” are Christopher’s specialty, and the menu is broad enough to satisfy the pickiest of vegetarians and carnivores alike. The variety on our table alone spanned Italian, Seafood, Creole and American cuisines. There are also weekly specials, and for the vino-challenged among us, they have a recommend a wine for each special. Talk about servicing the customer!

When you arrive at Christopher’s, the outside conjures images of an old Irish Pub: hanging flower pots, bright paints, and simple stylings. On the inside, the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable, like an old tee-shirt. The lighting is dark enough to hide any blemishes you may have, but not too dark that you need to squint to see the person opposite you. The wine list is comprehensive and the beers featured numerous local breweries including Magic Hat, Tremont Ale, and Cambridge Pale Ale.

We started our feast with an avocado quesadilla, a unique dish that was absolutely delectable. Washed that down with nachos smothered in goat cheese, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes, aptly named “Yuppie Nachos” probably for their appeal to the HBS crowd. When the entrees arrived we were impressed at the effort put into presentation and even more pleased with the food. The tuna, jumbalaya and ravioli specials ere all very good; however the burger was average. Fortunately, we saved enough room for dessert – the best part of any meal, and Christopher’s did not disappoint. When you go, the chocolate mousse, the fudge nut brownie sundae and the fruit crisp are all musts!

After our great dinner, the proverbial clock struck midnight, and we turned back into to poor, jobless EC’s! But each couple was fat, happy and ready for bed.

Our suggestion – check out Christopher’s if you’re looking for some good food and atmosphere at a decent price or a respite from the usual Harvard Square haunts. It’s well worth it.

And tell them you read the Harbus review, or better yet, tell them you’re writing one!