From the Frog Pond

Frrrrogs! I am pleased to report that most of us are pulling through this tough period-that is, the period of switching back to five-day weeks! Who knew it would be so hard!?

We have now had both our men’s and ladies’ events. While I am slightly foggy on the details of the men’s event, I gather they had a quick jaunt to Vegas funded by F’s dues. They had a close call and actually got our pot down to only $12 before a few deft moves at the Black Jack table by P.C. Chakravarti got us back on track. The men finished by winning back the pot plus enough extra so that we are setting up a special F investment fund (optimally weighted).

As for the women, we decided to spend the weekend touring the French countryside. We made a brief stop in the town of Quimper, to look at pottery. While enjoying our sightseeing, we heard a shot fired and a window crash. We turned to see robbers fleeing the most exclusive pottery manufacturer. The couple that owned the shop ran out after the robbers, shouting that they had stolen their most valuable pieces. Undeterred by danger, the women of F ran after the robbers. Those of us who live on campus were too slow to keep up due to the fact that the farthest we ever walk is underground from the dorms to Spangler, but Feyi Folowosele and Jen O’Donnell led the way and caught the robbers. Feyi and Jen were able to return the precious pieces to the relieved couple, who showed their gratitude by offering all of us our choice of exquisite pottery. We will be showing this collection in Aldrich 208, exact date TBD.

This week, we learned the importance of good behavior from Jim McBride, who gave out three free weekends at the Ritz to the birthday girls Julie Hammerman and Amie Perl and to the lucky fellow, P.C. Chakravarti. (Is Max Magni’s season over already?) P.C. was planning to use his free ride this weekend, but thought the better of it and instead decided to return to Vegas given his new-found lucky streak. Rumor has it that Pete Sisitsky and his “thing” will join in, as will John Lee, who likes to feel like a high roller. KB Teo would go, but she’s really not the gambling type . . .

We’re all looking forward to Holidazzle and the international potluck dinner, in addition to Karim Hutson’s mandatory party. Apparently he was scarred by low attendance as a kid. Don’t worry, Karim, we are there for you.