Skating at Frog Pond: Making the Most of a Dreary New England Winter

For plenty of those at HBS, adapting to life during the winter months here in Boston is a unique and often challenging experience. As the temperatures drop, more and more time is spent indoors, and venturing out into the harshness of winter becomes an unappealing proposition. However, the winter months also provide an opportunity to embrace a variety of winter activities and traditions. For Bostonians, one important winter tradition is skating at Frog Pond.

According to, in the warmer months, Frog Pond–one of three natural mud ponds located on Boston Common–is a huge wading pool, complete with a water fountain in its center. But in November, it’s transformed into a giant outdoor rink with a 16,000-square-foot ice-skating surface, becoming a slick playground for kids–as well as a refuge for office workers, who can lace up their skates for an invigorating workout or a leisurely stride-and-glide.

Here, Dave Keddington (OB) helps an HBS youngster around Frog Pond on a chilly afternoon in February.
Frog Pond on Boston Common
Beacon St.
(617) 635-2120
Directions: Red or Green line to Park Street
Admission: Adults $3; children 13 and under free; skate rentals $5-$7