From the Frog Pond

The Frogs were in full force this weekend! Despite the fact that F-ers were sandwiched between two RIDICULOUSLY loud and shameless Britney-singing sections during the Holidazzle dinner, Section F enjoyed some hilarious skits (for those of us who could hear them) organized by executive-producer-in-the-making, Frog Pond Historian Wesley Brandon. Contrary to the “Intelligence” gained by Professor Peter Hecht, there were impersonations-and good ones at that! Perhaps Professor Thomas should ask Wesley about the new hairdo??? The flawless skit performances were capped off by a witty slide-show/drinking game brought to you by the Sky Deck presentation crew. In what was possibly the best use of PowerPoint I’ve seen, Micah Rosenbloom and Jim Pyke slammed their helpless classmates (Shakeeb Alam-have you taken off that jacket yet?), and started the section love rumor mill. Who’d have thought Anya Ulitskaya and…Erika Kussmann??? Hey Jim, now that your Enron stock is worthless, maybe you could do these presentations professionally for a little spending money.

Even after the waiters booted everyone from their tables (possibly to prevent them from eating too much of the fish), Frogs refused to let the party die down. Yes, that was NF playing the loud ABBA tunes that got everyone dancing long before the band started. And who’d have thought they’d ever live to see PC crooning Queen songs into a karaoke machine? Priceless! In a true display of innovation and party-space capacity utilization, Frogs even decided to shake their groove things on the tables-at least until the waiters scurried over again to spoil the fun. Mitch Crames, Fiona Stoner, and Oscar Yuan showed true Frog Pond grace, landing on their feet even as their table-top dance floor tipped over. That’s guts, ya’ll.

After shaming their classmates on the dance floor all Friday night, F-ers even managed to rebound by noon on Saturday to give back to the community they harassed only hours before. That’s right, Frogs took over the Quality Control function at the Greater Boston Food Bank on Saturday afternoon, in a wonderful community service event organized by Fiona Stoner and Amie Perl. In a particularly noteworthy show of skill, Emma Herbert wasn’t letting any “questionable” cans by her! Maybe you should consider a QC career, Em??? Karim “El Presidente” Hutson, Max “The Passionate Italian” Magni, and Chris “Task Master” Perry handled the heavy lifting. (Thank goodness for Amie.) At the end of the day, Frogs were bossing around high school and college students from throughout the Boston area in a futile attempt to practice their newly acquired Process Improvement skills on the Food Bank’s conveyor belt system. Professor Rob Huckman would be proud.

In what Rod Wong would call a “strong” finish to the weekend, Section F enjoyed even more QT during the LEAD film viewing/pizza party on Sunday night. (Sam Thakarar, did you stay in the room for the whole movie? That’s got to be a record!) And the party continued into the week. Thanks for the AWESOME international pot-luck dinner Monday night-organized by Tina Zhang and Steven Carden.

Yes, it was a great weekend for the Frog Pond-even Reda Khatim came to one of the events. I can’t wait to see where some of the more incriminating photos turn up in the next few weeks. Marketing slides, perhaps???. Too bad we can’t give Professor Youngme Moon a video of PC’s rendition of “We Are the Champions.”