The Frog Pond

This will just be a quick one, but I wanted to mention that this was an important week for us in section F! On Sunday, October 21, 2001, Aldrich 208 yet again became The Frog Pond. Thanks to a decorating party spearheaded by Marti Speranza, and to support from OF, the Frog Pond is complete with two felt frogs helping us to keep it real, green streamers, countless ribbiting toys, and even frog footprints in the hallway leading up to 208, lest one of us gets lost.

On Friday night, 30 Section F-ers started the weekend at Chili’s. Aside from no cutlery, no napkins, and appetizers that arrived after the main course, the meal was a grand success. Hey, it’s liberating to eat with your fingers! We were all wondering if Pete Sisitsky was going to take matters into his own hands and deck the waitress. In the end though, we got our margaritas, and that’s really all that matters.

Educationally, this week was top notch. First, we learned how to discern people’s weaknesses, like a personal prejudice or a bad family relationship, in order to manipulate or shame them into seeing our view. We also gained a new appreciation for Mountain Dew: “Diet, Cherry, Who knew? Yahoo! Mountain Dew.” We even got to do numbers in TOM again.
Fiona Stoner and Amie Perl are leading the charge with the National Foodfight Campaign. The Frog Pond challenges all other sections to see who can raise the most cans of food. To give you all fair warning, Section F has already pledged $100 for each touchdown or goal in intramurals. All proceeds go to America’s Second Harvest, a nationwide network of food banks.