Corporate Responsibility … Misplaced

Zibby Schwarzman’s article in Viewpoints last week raises an interesting issue. Is the airing of sensational news as part of the media ratings battle worth the cost of traumatizing people who do not wish to see it? She was referring in particular to CBS’ decision to air never-before-seen graphic footage of the September 11th attacks.… Continue reading Corporate Responsibility … Misplaced

Debating Media Morality

Dear Zibby: First of all, let me say how sorry I am for your loss. My heart broke when I read your editorial. I, too, am someone who thinks the media needs to take responsibility for what they publish and produce, no matter what the medium. My friends will tell you how adamant I can… Continue reading Debating Media Morality

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Media Morality… Misplaced

I am horrified. CBS has decided to air two hours of never-seen-before graphic footage of the September 11th attacks on Sunday, March 10th, despite objections from several Senators, a prosecutor, and many victims’ family members. In the New York Times, William Schmidt, the prosecutor who urged CBS to wait another six months before airing the… Continue reading Media Morality… Misplaced

Update from Augusta

Predictably, the Masters came and went last week with its usual fanfare of suspense and dramatic moments. Contrary to most predictions, three times was not the charm for Tiger Woods. Instead, this year Canadian Mike Weir, well-known to golf but a newbie to Augusta glory, proudly donned the revered green jacket. The Masters continued to… Continue reading Update from Augusta

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