Hell Week!

This week has been a loaded week for HBS students. Hell week has been on in full swing. Students wearing business suits running from one interview to the other, all sorts of horror stories getting enacted. This correspondent, for instance, asked a consulting firm senior partner what led him to work at BCG. It did not help that the firm in question was not BCG! Got out of that one by exclaiming “now you know who I just interviewed with!” The partner had a sense of humor. He extended an offer. Others have had slightly more horrifying stories with less happy endings. Like my friend who asked during a case interview which part of the entertainment industry the client operated in. “Music”, came the indignant reply. “I told you that. You wrote it down!” The interviewer obviously had not appreciated having to interview at 8am, and showed it!
Banks, consulting firms, industry…all had a large number of applicants. And while HBS will continue to have more than its share of spots in the average summer program class, there are several people who have intensified their efforts on a networked job search, to find something more suitable to their requirements over the summer.