New This Week

Over the coming weeks we’ll be giving you updates on some of the big or plain interesting bands that are coming to town. This weeks new entries include:

Sat March 27th
o The Thrills
An Irish based band, this four piece really do sound like they are from California. A cross between the Strokes and the Eagles they were huge in the UK last year. Stand out tracks include Big Sur & Santa Cruz.

Sat April 3rd
o The Darkness
The most explosive breakout band in 2003 throughout UK, Europe and Australasia. If you like huge guitars and stadium rock this is for you. Likened to a cross between Queen & ZZ Top. Check out Growing On Me and I Believe In A Thing Called Love for a true taste of their sound.

Mon. April 12th
o Air
French based Air offer a stunning Electro / dance / chillout show. If you’re into cultured dance/chill out (i.e. not all heavy bass) then this should be right up your street. While their output suffered after their impressive first album Moon Safari, they are rumoured to be back on form with their latest offering.

Tues April 13th
o NERD / Black Eyed Peas
Many of you will know who this lot are but if you don’t here’s a little background. NERD is Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo’s group. These two are the legendary producers the Neptunes who were behind virtually every big hit of the last two years. Justin Timberlake, for instance, pretty much owes his career to these guys. But they’ve also worked with every other big name hip hop, pop artist out there. Their 2001/2002 album In Search Of won the US equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize. The Black Eyed Peas you’ll know from Where is the Love, and the excellent Shut Up.

Sat April 17th
o Damien Rice
Irish Acoustic Folk artist (but don’t let that put you off). He’s one of the most hotly tipped artists around at the moment. If Tom McRae, Ryan Adams or other singer songwriter stuff floats your boat, this could be right up your street. Check out his recently released album ‘O’ for the incredible tracks Cannonball & The Blower’s Daughter.