Career Profile – Johanna Wightman

Career Field Prior to HBS:
Management Consulting, BCG

Position in Buddi ltd:
Business Development in Startup

Why did you choose an internship with buddi ltd?
It was a cool product (GPS personal locator) with an unusual team (led by a British female serial entrepreneur), and I was totally swayed by the sales pitch! The product had only been launched recently, and they were expecting sales to grow 10X over the coming months. The role sounded very open, and I was excited to work closely with the founder. And another plus point. the offices were in South Kensington.

What made you decide on interning in the UK?
Apart from wanting to catch up with friends in London, I was very curious about the startup scene. Was there such a thing? How did entrepreneurship in the UK differ from that in the US? Since I’m probably headed back to the UK longer term, I thought it would be useful to make connections and see whether I would enjoy the environment.

Summarize your summer internship experience
Between signing with buddi in April and starting work in June, a lot changed. The company went from being on a massive growth trajectory.. to stagnation. My role was focused on finding new business opportunities, but I still managed to get fingers in a lot of the pie. I loved being in a small team and involved in every decision! Personalities were magnified, there was never a dull moment and I made some great friends. Surprisingly, the consulting/MBA combination seemed to give me a lot of credibility, and people really valued my opinion! I met clients, pitched to VCs and interviewed dementia patients for market research.